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Apple Music Doesn’t Get Classical Music Right

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Great article; I was amused today when a Mahler recording (Symphony No. 5, Bernstein) I was looking for turned out to be classified as Rock. I must also be doing something wrong with the search field - for example, if I type out "Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht Karahan" and then get no results because I've misspelt Karajan, it's really annoying to have to type the whole thing out again. I can't find a way to pull up the previous search and edit it.


One suggestion however for the forum: perhaps also include the text of the article here in the discussion as well, rather than just linked? I suggest that because, if I want to comment/reply, it seems more natural to do that in the comments section for the article, rather than here. (Of course, perhaps that's what you'd prefer.)

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Yes, I haven't yet decided the best way to do this. There's no point in including the text of an article, because then I would need to also include the images. There is a way to use the forum for comments on my blog, but I'm not yet sure that I want to do that. Mostly because the only articles I am posting here from my website are those related to iTunes or music, not all the other stuff I write.

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