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Apple Music cannot be copied to an iPod

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I get the part about streaming from the cloud from an iOS device, but I wasn't aware that Apple Music files I download as part of my membership, can't be played on a regular old iPod. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong? If true, some of the value just isn't there for me. Thanks.



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Before the iTunes Store went DRM free in 2009, iPods handled songs protected with FairPlay. Seems like they could implement something to get this working. Maybe a certificate that is dated with your subscription end date. Then just make sure you sync every month to get the new certificate.

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My problem was with music that I didn't own, that I had downloaded to 'my' (offline) library as part of Apple Music. ... I haven't tried Apple Music files that I don't own with an iPod touch yet, but I will do so soon, since I use touches in my cars. The song in the screen grab above was a test. The other songs were from a Beach Boys album that I just went ahead and bought (Apple got me!!), because I was using the nano for a July 4 party. ... I enabled iCloud Music Library and though it has scrambled playlists, it hasn't messed up the actual music files that I own. To my knowledge, anyway. ... I have experience with scrambled playlists from the early-to-mid years of iTunes Match, and corrective surgery in my cases has been pretty quick and painless.

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I had the same problem and I looked in several forums and the answer was still the same, you can't do it.. I mean to some extend it makes sense.. Another guy in another forum came up with the solution of a stream recorder, like Audacity or Audials Tunebite.. I decided to try this, because for me the most important accessorise during the day is my iPod! First you have to record the song played on apple music and after you have to convert it back to iTunes and in the end you can make it on you iPod! I used Audials Tunebite, instead of Audacity and it worked out quite well!

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An update, I have the same issue with my iPod touch -- "Apple Music" songs not copying. ... On top of that, the song in the dialog box below is not an "Apple Music" song (I own it and verified in the Get Info for every copy I own, that they are Purchased or Matched). ... One other weird thing lately is that every time I start iTunes, more "new" albums show in the "Recently Added" view. Trouble is, none of those albums are recently added. ... Love how Apple is screwing up libraries, apparently unknowingly.



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