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My 13" MacBook Pro headphone out sounds AMAZING!

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I love good sounding earphones so I got a pair of Etymotic ER6i. For the longest time I thought those earphones had NO bass, non at all when used with any of my iPods (5th gen. Nano, 7th gen. Classic, 3rd gen. Touch, & iPhone 3GS). IT'S NOT the Etymotic earphones! It's the crappy iPods!


I plugged the buds into my 13" MBP and WOW! Sounds like BIG speakers in my ears. Bass is full and controlled. The highs & mids are PERFECT, no listening fatigue at all. I just want to turn it up!


I then compared the MBP to my white Macbook. The Pro wins. Anyone know how I could make my iPods sound as good as my MBP?


All music on iPod & MacBook Pro are in AIFF.


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Here are two options for you. Firstly, as to modifications of the ipods themselves, red wine audio has something called the imod for $250 where they will modify the actual ipod itself for better sound quality. I believe this is only offered on the classic ipod line (not the nano, touch, or phone). Thus for purposes of flexibility I would look into a headphone amp. I assume you are looking for portability here so I would suggest checking out the website of ALO audio. I know they just came out with a portable headphone amp that was reviewed favorably over at 6moons, but they also carry other manufacturers headamps as well depending on how much you are looking to spend and how portable you want to be. Happy hunting.


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