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Laptop Isolation Feet?

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One definite benefit, other than the main purpose of isolation products, is that it raises the mini off the shelf. Peeling the rubber off the bottom and placing feet on it will help it cool and therefore the fan should be quieter.



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You might want to try out this cheap feet trick. Go to you local Staples, Office Depot or even your local art supply store and buy some soft rubber pencil erasers (the rectangular/square shaped ones). They're dead cheap and different brands come in different densities (if you're into experimenting!). They're generally about half an inch thick or thereabouts so you're equipment will be raised that much off your table/stand.


I'm absolutely serious about this. I'm using a set of four under my Linn Kisto A/V controller and it it has raised it up enough that it is running noticeably cooler which is always a good thing.




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