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How to convert WAV files with CUE sheets to FLAC without re-ripping


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Hello All


I'm new to this so please forgive if mine is a stupid question.

Before finding Chris' excellent CD ripping methodology (which I will aim to follow in future), I ripped about 300 CDs to single, uncompressed WAV files with CUE sheets using Exact Audio Copy. I was advised this was the safest archive methodology (hmmmm). I soon discovered these archives are not much use for playback, as they do not contain embedded track information and of course there's no cover art.


Is there a fairly painless way I can convert my WAV archives into a more usable format WITH embedded track info, cover art etc (e.g. FLAC, or AIFF)? I'm really hoping I won't have to start again and re-rip each of the CD's.


Any and all advice would be most gratefully accepted.

Many Thanks,



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Phil, looks like You are an Audiophile :-)


I also use EAC and I like To use Flac files. Rather then using a system to convert automatically, I like to use DBPoweramp to convert to FLAC.


Feel free to drop me a PM and I will guide you.


tubes rules!




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...can read the cuesheet and load all data from it. Then just select all files, right click, "convert" and choose the format you like more (eg. FLAC).


Btw, by default *.cue files are not loaded into playlist, so remove the extension from the ignore list in the advanced options.


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Hi L_K


Thanks for the kind words! I had almost given up on the good people at ComputerAudiophile.com...probably my fault for dropping my question in the wrong part of the forums. In any case my faith is restored!


Following Chris' excellent write up I tried DBPoweramp and liked it. Going forward I think I'll switch to DBPA even though I'd invested the time to get to know EAC and indeed come to quite like it. Also, I think the original developer of EAC deserves great kudos and all the support one can give for putting in so much work to comprehensively solve the problem of ripping discs accurately and well (for the rest of us).


In the meantime I also discovered an excellent file conversion utility called Xrecode II. (www.xrecode.com)That's what I used to convert my 300+ WAV plus CUE sheets to AIFF and FLAC. Xrecode II worked flawlessly and accomodated batch processing straight off. In addtion, I found the developer unbelievably helpful and responsive when I got in touch to ask for improved AIFF functionality. He sent me an update to the software within the hour!


For the record I have learned my lesson and have moved to FLAC for archiving and AIFF for iTunes playback. I'm toying with moving to JRiver at some point due to its ability to switch sample rates automatically (i.e. iTunes INability to do this), but for now I remain hopelessly seduced by iTunes' marvellous Ipod touch remote app.


I still have much to learn, but am working on it.


Thanks again for the wise words.

Tubes are indeed very lovely!




++++++++++++++++++++++++++[br]Audiophile learning about computers: [br]Robert Koda custom DAC, Conrad Johnson Act2 pre and LPM140 monoblocs, Ruark Excalibur speakers.

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Hi Riderforever


Thanks for your wisdom. I did try Fooobar with some success, but never quite mastered the conversion process in the way I managed with Xrecode II. The failing will certainly have been with me.


I guess there are many ways in which to "skin this particular cat", many of which can work well. Best solution would of course have been to rip the discs "more intelligently" in the first place. In any case I'm pleased to report that this problem at least has been solved.


My next job will be to build a decent music server, which will I'm sure throw up a whole new world of challenges!





++++++++++++++++++++++++++[br]Audiophile learning about computers: [br]Robert Koda custom DAC, Conrad Johnson Act2 pre and LPM140 monoblocs, Ruark Excalibur speakers.

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