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Be Careful with Hi Def Tape Transfers downloads

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You can not be sure of what you will get with downloads from CA Gold Sponsor High Definition Tape Transfers.


I just downloaded the Bach Cantata BWV 78. It is clearly advertised as 24/96. There are 7 files in the download. Of the seven, five are 24/96 and two are 24/44.1.


I made a mistake and assumed that the Bach Arias just below the Cantata were also 24/96. All four of these files are 24/44.1. As I said, this is my mistake.


It was only $12, but I was really looking for all 24/96. They should clearly identify what they are selling.





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as 24/96 (for $6), and then the Arias for $6. The only one noted as 24/96 is the Cantata file set. Then below that it shows all eleven for $12.


I've had no problems with Bob's website or offerings.


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Sorry you are not happy with your purchase, we do not sell any downloads below 24/96 so obviously there is a problem,

We just remastered this title, the file is actually 24/44 this was uploaded accidentally we will upload the correct files with in 24 hours.

We will notify you when they are ready, if this is not satisfactory for you we can issue you a refund.

Thank You



:end reply:


I told Bob that I would take the music over the money. So, maybe, hopefully, there will be 24/96 files for all eleven.






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