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Hercules XPS 2.1 Bassboost vs Logitech Z333

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8 hours ago, A45 said:

Big difference? I read that logitech Z series have problems with subwoofer buzzing when computer is off. Also logitech z333 have fake tweeters on speakers...

The general opinion is strongly in favor of Logitech, but I'd suggest 2 cautions.  One is to make really sure to get from a dealer who doesn't open the boxes and swap the parts for cheaper.  I know a couple of big-name photo and audio dealers who do that.  The other thing, since newer products usually have glitches of some kind, is make sure you have a workaround for things like the item goes off but there's still something buzzing - so maybe instead of just hitting the power on/off switch, also have the stuff on a power strip and kill the power there.

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