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SoTM SMS-1000u power supply requirements

Mike Rubin

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I still own an SoTM SMS-1000u. Anybody remember those? :)


I am looking into upgrading my LPS at the moment, but one otherwise attractive option maxes out at 15v and 1.2A. The SoTM website and manual only say this about the unit's power requirements:


Power requirement

Input Voltage : +19Vdc

Power : Max 50W


I presently am using an HDPlex 100w that provides 19v at 8A.


I know that some audio equipment can operate well within a range of voltages and amperages. Does anyone have experience trying to run this product at a voltage other than 19? Has anyone gone as low as 1.5A?


I have asked about power requirements by email to SoTM. If I get an answer, I will pass along the information here. In the meantime, I remain interested in real world experiences.

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