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  1. Same here. It requires quite a push to seat it. Also, be careful that it doesn't dislodge if you have occasion to move the eR around at all. Mine has come loose while unplugging and re-plugging my rendu at the *other* end of the optical cable and when placing vibrapods under the notebook stand that holds my eR in an upright position.
  2. With Covid-19 restrictions here in San Francisco, I no longer can demo anything before buying, so I am in a bit of a haze at the moment, but I need either to restore to operability a Nottingham Audio Horizon with an old belt and a Clearaudio Aurum Beta MM cartridge with a collapsed cantilever OR replace the table with something altogether different. It ends up being complicated. The store from which I bought the Horizon years ago is out of business now and the only Nottingham dealer in the Bay Area pushes MC cartridges, which would require me to buy a new phonostage that can handl
  3. Thanks. Will check this out tomorrow when I can set aside 45 minutes or so.
  4. Thanks for this, cjf. It actually looks very interesting, plus it might fit into my equipment cabinet fairly easily.
  5. The turntable is a Nottingham Audio Horizon and the phonostage is a Lounge MM. They only have single-ended connections. Thanks for the Merging Line tip. I don’t want to invest that kind of money in a product that I might use for a couple hundred records that I don’t already have digitized, but they sound interesting. Thanks also for the cable suggestion, but I don’t see that being the way I will go. Running a hundred foot cable from my basement office up a staircase, then through the entry hallway, then through my living room to an equipment cabinet, for hours at a pop w
  6. Thanks. That’s actually the solution that I thought inevitable if the network-connected ADC doesn’t exist. I guess that I need a really long USB cable in addition to the ADC because there isn’t really a good spot near my equipment cabinet to park my laptop, but that’s do-able, I am sure.
  7. if this is the wrong subforum in which to raise this question, I am happy to see it moved to where it is more appropriately posted. After a second collapse of its expensive cartridge’s cantilever, my turntable has sat a couple of years unused as I listen to digital instead. Looking over my collection, though, I realize that I have a tone of stuff that never has been reissued on CD or as CD-quality digital. I am going to bite the bullet on getting a new cartridge, so will be able to play those LP’s again, but, this time, I want to digitize them so the music isn’t unavailable if I dec
  8. The Vibrapod-branded version of these, bought from Audio Advisor about 30 years ago. These Pangea ones look like exactly the same product, just relabeled to the AA house brand. They have absolutely zero impact on sound quality that I can hear, but they do get the stand off the shelf enough to improve the air circulation a bit. I can’t measure temps, though, so I don’t know if they actually have any prophylactic effect in the overheating department. The eR and Cap 1.2 both still run quite warm despite my ventilation efforts. https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?n
  9. It is this piece: Hivexagon 2 Slot Vertical Laptop... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085MC6ZGL?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  10. Agree completely, Kal. For jazz and, especially, classical, Roon's user experience is vastly overrated. I routinely find erroneous album identification; lack of identification at all even when the album is in the database; tons of albums without useful data in the database; and incredibly poor and inflexible handling of box sets or multi-composer albums. If you have ten versions of "Le Petit Soldat" or "Tzigane" or any non-US or independent jazz, your experience is going to be a lot worse than if your collection predominantly features Diana Krall or the Eagles.
  11. I don't know how to create those slick flow charts, so I will repeat in prose what my signature below states: Synology DS218+ NAS and NUC 10 i7 (Roon/Jriver/Audirvana -> copper ethernet cables -> xfinity xfi router -> copper ethernet cable —> Netgear unmanaged switch -> copper ethernet cable -> etherRegen B side -> SFP -> optical fiber cable -> SFP -> Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical version (built-in SFP port) -> USB cable -> DAC.
  12. I use the A side SFP as the connection to my optical device, with the ethernet feed from another switch connected to the eR. The eR is powered by an ultra Cap 1.2. My system never has sounded better. I can't think of one aspect of music reproduction that isn't at least a bit better and some - bass and imaging - are much better. I don't notice any concomitant downside. All in all, in my system, anyway, using the eR as an FMC is a superb idea, especially if you don't need to use the extra A side connections.
  13. Literal handful before they started complaining about the casings and derailed the production. I had this one, which I sold not long ago. It was a really excellent-sounding and easy-on-the-eyes unit, to be fair, and it played any format I could throw at it, but a bit of a deadend once LH lost interest in it.
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