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  1. I am running CAT8 into the ER’s B side port and am coming out from an SFP using an optical cable. Is that the equivalent for these purposes of what Jud is doing or am I subject to ground issues even though my CAT8 is upstream? From an SQ perspective, I don’t know that I hear a significant difference between plastic-terminated CAT6A and metal-shielded CAT8 but I don’t know how ground faults would manifest in this setting.
  2. Octaviars, I use the pictured TP-Link one in the EtherRegen and Sig rendu and Ubiquiti-branded compatibles between the TP-Link FMC and opticalModule. I use LC to LC multimode cables.
  3. I think I get where this thread is going, but please allow me to make sure I get this. If your optical connection is too short, you run the risk of overloading the receiver FMC if you don't use attenuators? If so, how short is "too short" before this becomes an issue? I currently am running one meter optical cables. I am skeptical that I we would hear enough of a difference for me to invest a lot of time sorting out five versus seven versus ten db, but I am very concerned about overheating the FMC's in my optical Signature Rendu SE and the opticalModule that feeds my ultraRendu. The possibility of shortening their lives scares me.
  4. I just uninstalled Audirvana during my trial. Audirvana’s sound quality, even over the network, was noticeably better than JRiver’s, but it’s crazy inconvenient to manage a large library on it and the lack of virtually any management tools meant I continued to spend more time on JRiver than Aurdirvana out of necessity. I would have endured that, however, if the software weren’t so incredibly unstable and crash-prone on my Windows 10 system. (It’s a pretty new, near-state of the art computer, with a ton of horsepower and little extra software on it, and Audirvana is the only software thus far to crash it out.). The paid android remote app also was prone to disconnects. In the end, the SQ differences weren’t important enough to make me put up with the usability issues.
  5. I haven’t tried Roon but I have tried Foobar, JRiver and Audirvana, Foobar locally and the latter two both locally and on my network. I am biased towards JRiver. Audirvana, to my ears sounded better, sometimes surprisingly so, but it was ridiculously unstable and terrible for database maintenance. In the end, I decided that the sound quality advantage was more than offset by the issues I encountered when using it and uninstalled. Foobar and JRiver sound the same to me when at my computer, but JRiver is far easier to control remotely. Its tagging capability is second to none, it handles immense music hoarder libraries easily, and it’s really easy to add and delete files from the database on the fly. It’s also a hell of a lot less money than Roon, as you know.
  6. Jarek, hi. As long as we have you on the line and are talking about the Pulse, what are the chances that we will get an ASIO driver that works in Windows 10? My support ticket remains unaddressed.
  7. Tier 1 is now the standard optical version. Tiers 2 and 3 now are tiers 1 and 2, respectively.
  8. Deleted.  Sent a private message instead.

  9. Not trying necessarily to cheap out, but I own four rendus of three different types and am looking at a bit of an upgrade expense for multiple cards. I understand that the sd cards may be customized for the specific model, but, if not, is it possible to buy one card, copy it at home to new sd cards, and run the same version of the OS on all devices? (I don’t know if the model identification information on the home screen comes from the OS or ROM, so I understand that copying might not work without root access and Linux skills, but, if the identification information displays accurately on each device, copying the card could get the new OS into more units quickly, promoting uniformity in both the specific user’s experience across different products and in Sonore’s support of the rendus.)
  10. Thanks, guys, but I found iso's for all but these two titles. I really don't have a huge need for a player now and it's more cost effective just to have these discs ripped.
  11. I no longer can play my SACD's other than as Redbooks because my Sony player died and cannot be fixed. On the Internet, I have been able to "borrow" iso's for all but two double-SACD albums and, thanks to ISO2DSD, have been playing the files as dsf's. I still would like to have access to the two SACD's that I can't listen to in hi-res, i.e., "Yo Miles!" and "Sky Garden," both by Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith. I am aware of a company called Golden Ear, but I recall seeing there is a minimum charge that would not make it economical to use this service. I don't want to pay more to rip these albums than I did to acquire them. Are you aware of anyone, perhaps someone local to me in the San Francisco Bay Area, who can handle small orders like this?
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