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  1. Like Jud, my setup streams to a Rendu device over ethernet. It's the Rendu, not my NUC, that is connected to the DAC. I gave up my Roon subscription and now am using both JRiver and Audirvana Studio as control applications. This might be a dumb question, but to synthesize what's above in this thread, do I need HQP to use Euphony as a source with NAA? I assume so, and that, if I don't want to use HQP, I need a server that runs on Linux like MinimServer or Bubble Server. Is that a proper understanding of what's been said previously in this thread?
  2. I had tickets to see Dessa and Thievery Corporation last Sunday afternoon at San Francisco’s open air Stern Grove. Between the bad weather and the rise in San Francisco of Delta, and even though I am Moderna vaccinated, I chickened out and opted instead for the live feed. I have a couple of Dessa’s albums as downloads, but was surprised that she seemed so affable and outgoing live, backed by the same musicians who accompanied her in Minneapolis. For me, though, the real attraction was Thievery Corporation, which never seems to disappoint. In any event, all of the musicians on s
  3. Don't suggest this at the Roon forum. I made a similar suggestion for "Roon Lite" and you would have thought I'd shot the mothers of the literal dozens of Roon customers who felt compelled to pile on and reiterate what a dumbfizzuck I was for presuming that I knew better than Roon itself what Roon customers want.
  4. @k6davis Thanks very much for this clear and detailed explanation of what my reasonable expectations might be. I will download the trial version when I can take a few moments to set it up and then explore.
  5. As I mentioned in my first post in this thread, the only complaint about Roon that I did not have was SQ. In fact, that was the only reason I subscribed. I haven't tried HQP, and only listened to Roon with upsampling enabled, but I always found the sound full-bodied and engaging.
  6. My subscription just lapsed and, of course, Roon wanted to know why, saying they make a point of listening to the customers. Normally, I would take that bait and provide my reasoning, but I won't in this case. Room hasn't listened before and, in fact, responded with, "no thanks," when I have made several suggestions, including a couple that would be insanely uncontroversial and easy to accommodate. Roon calls itself opinionated about how to design and implement software. It is successful and beloved these days, so those instincts are good. For every guy like me who thinks the in
  7. Thanks, Miska. I don't know the meanings of these references to the filters and modulators. I assume I won't be upsampling to DSD256 with the ones you mentioned, but will I still be able to play hi res PCM and native DSD files over my home network?
  8. Not sure this has been covered in the 850 or so pages of this thread, so I will just ask: To what extent can I use HQP with Windows 10 on a NUC 10 i7 with 16gb RAM? I have just reformatted the NUC from Roon ROCK to Windows 10 as I am giving up my Roon subscription. I only stream over ethernet from a NAS to any of three Sonore Rendus. There are no USB devices connected to this NUC. I've been using Audirvana Studio with DSP enabled to DSD256 and it's pegging the CPU cores at 100c routinely, if momentarily. That's too hot to run even in spikes, so I am hoping to find
  9. I think that I am the only person alive who subscribed to Roon because he or she likes the sound quality more than the alternatives'. I also like having the ability to broadcast on my network at DSD256, which makes my streamers and DACs sing (I don't connect my NUC to anything via USB) and the ability to create smartlists by record label(which I can't do elsewhere without adding a shit ton of extra metadata). Unfortunately, however, that's it for me. As someone with only a local library, who has lots of non-US and independent label classical and jazz, and who tags his classical musi
  10. I was confused by the absence of content listing and art, too, but noticed the button on the bottom left of the requires you to select "local" if you want your library's contents to display. You would think that would be the default, wouldn't you? Otherwise, the remote seems to work as expected on my phone.
  11. Thanks, Jud, for looking into this.
  12. The only issues I have are the temp spikes and generally only with Audirvana 3.5/Studio upsampling. No playback quality issues at all. To the contrary, the NUC sounds great with Audirvana.
  13. If no one else is having these issues, I might just burn through this NUC and, when it dies, it dies. It sounds fine and runs without a stutter, so I doubt I will get much more than greater longevity by switching to another PC-based solution.
  14. If no one else is having these issues, I have gotten the thread off-topic, so will just leave these screenshots for posterity. All were taken during playback at DSD256, which sounds really good . First is playing an mp3. Second is playing a native DSD64. Third is playing a 16/44 FLAC right after starting it up, which is when processor load momentarily peaks. Fourth screenshot is playing the same FLAC a minute or so after loading. In these four, core #3 has an explanation point that means it previously pegged 100c. Then,
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into this.
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