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  1. Of course. Anything that I buy addresses my objections in the next version. :)
  2. I have been running at 12v with an LPS 1.2 for a year. Everything does run hot, but I haven't had reliability issues of which I am aware.
  3. Does Ubiquiti make a modem? I have a little Ubiquiti router without wifi capability that I have not placed into my system until I have at least a couple more access points. (Otherwise, I won't have wifi coverage throughout the house.) My impression is that I would have to use my old Netgear docsis 3.1 modem for this to work because Ubiquiti isn't in that market. I also have been skeptical that this will make a sound quality difference, but was hoping that it might make the network more of a piece. I should add that I personally find Ubiquiti's interface
  4. Just out of curiosity, are you using Audirvana on a Windows machine? I ask because I have a similar issue when playing through Audirvana, not not with JRiver or Roon. I therefore have assumed it is a software issue.
  5. FWIW, I “bunched up” a several meter-long single mode optical cable for awhile, until I got tired of managing its hanging off the back of my cabinet like a dead weight. I then replaced it with one that is just a few inches long. My hearing could be better and my system isn’t the most resolving on earth, but I am not deaf and my system isn’t horrible, so my conclusion was that there are better places to place tweak dollars than on longer optical cables. I also am happier to have a cable that fits into the space intended for it. I should point out that I am not using attenuators.
  6. Very good question. I would like to know this, too. I have a lot more money tied up in my Signature Rendu SE than I would in a second NUC. (I assume in this configuration the NUC's connect via ethernet rather than USB. If the latter is the required connection, this won't work for me because server and end point are on different floors of my house.)
  7. I don’t dismiss your assessment or experience, but it’s quite different than mine. My metadata is anally consistent and meticulous, yet my experience is the exact opposite of yours. I guess that, as we audiophiles are so fond of saying, YMMV.
  8. Thanks for the comments, firedog. Allow me to clarify. I think the “here are some suggestions” function that people are raving about makes sense only in the context of streaming. You don’t need Roon to recommend stuff you already own. My library is very large. It can take several minutes or even dozens of minutes to scan my monitored folder and before the music in my NAS folder appears in Roon. In contrast, because I can and do associate “.flac” or “.dsf” with JRiver, for example, I can play downloaded music immediately in JRiver just by clicking on the file itself.
  9. I am finding that, for me, the update is much ado about nothing. My complaints about Roon appear to be almost entirely, if not entirely, unaddressed. I only use locally-stored data, which may be the reason I continue to have gripes about software that seems to be oriented primarily towards Tidal and Qobuz users. For jazz and, especially, classical music, Roon's user experience is vastly overrated in general, even though the update supposedly benefits classical music lovers. The fundamental problem is that allmusic.com isn't that great a database and its writing isn't that profou
  10. This is a basic question that probably is answered in this 75 page thread, but I was confused by something that I perceived to be a conflict between the Euphony website and the user grid. If I were to try Euphony, it would be installed on a NUC and used to stream from a NAS to Sonore rendus over ethernet rather than over the NUC's USB bus to a connected DAC. The Euphony site says it requires a DAC connected by USB but the user guide tosses off a reference to enabling upnp without really articulating the use case. So, can Euphony be used to stream to a upnp device or must it be connected to
  11. This sounds like a new thing! In my house, Comcast Internet and cable TV functions are handled by different equipment altogether. The internet is managed on an xfi modem/router combination that replaced a Netgear Docsis 3.1 modem and ASUS router. It handles all wired and wireless internet. The TV functions are handled by wired DVR and HD boxes. The last time I asked, Comcast did not have wireless set-top boxes, which I would have liked, so, when we added a couple of HD TV's, I ended up paying an electrician to open a couple of walls in this old house to run coax to th
  12. If you aren't happy with the xfi solution - it is working fine for me, although its configurability is pretty limited - then #4 is a safe bet. You can use the $14 a month to finance a Docsis 3.1 modem (I used a Netgear) and a newer router of your choice. (I previously used an ASUS as mentioned earlier in the thread. It worked well for years until it started getting "iffy." I would buy another ASUS router in a heartbeat.)
  13. Look what’s on sale at Amazon today. https://www.amazon.com/JARLINK-Upgraded-Adjustable-Compatible-Microsoft/dp/B07DHJRN5P?linkCode=ll1&tag=cnetdeals_nl-20&linkId=f3a87c9029c63345f01305388d4c5075&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl&ascsubtag=___COM_CLICK_ID___|___VIEW_GUID___|dtp
  14. Not enough to shake a stick at. These stands impose their own footprints and they are larger than the ER. I just use mine because it looks as though air should circulate better than when the ER is flat on the shelf surface. Whether that happens or not, I can't tell you, but it doesn't appear the stand is causing any harm.
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