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  1. Thanks, I just figured that out. It does not appear to be connected to anything, so it's a spare. I am embarrassed that that wasn't obvious to me!
  2. Okay, I figured it out. The bluetooth antenna was preventing me from getting leverage as I pried the holder outward with a screwdriver. Reorienting it for the moment allowed me to get the holder out. It turns out there are TWO fuses in there, values unspecified. That just doubled the cost of upgrading to audio-oriented fuses.
  3. I have seen the spec as the smaller Orange at 500mA, but don't know if it is slow or fast blow. The fuse cover on mine might just be recalcitrant.
  4. Here’s a question for the D90 owners here: how do I access the fuse? I have been thinking of upgrading my D90’s fuse to a Synergistic Orange after being surprised at what it did for my Sonore Rendu SE’s top end. As the D90’s treble is its least attractive aspect, I have been curious whether I could achieve similar improvement if I upgraded its fuse with another Orange. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to get access to the fuse should I decide to change it. I spent part of this evening picking at the fuse cover next to the IEC receptacle, both with fingernail and small
  5. Everyone's mileage clearly varies here. My setup isn't crazy different than yours, except that I go out from the Etherregen A side by optical to a Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical. Originally, I used Duplex SFP's and cabling, but several people here responded to a comment I made by suggesting a switch to single-mode, so I took that plunge. It sounded fine, to my ears, anyway, but I thought it sounded fine to begin with. No complaints, but no epiphany, either. Of all the tweaks I have tried with this system since going optical, the only other one that had so little effect was c
  6. So you said, indeed. Sloppy reading on my part! Looks like a terrific installation.
  7. This looks like it would work well as a heat dissipater, but how do you orient it with cables attached? Does the lower heat sink surface just sit on the shelf?
  8. I have an HDPlex 200w with an ASUS AC87R router on the 19v rail and a Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 modem on the 12v. No difference that I can tell at all. If the HDPlex hadn’t been a spare that needed something to do, I would consider this a disappointing “upgrade.” In contrast, my Etherregen, optical module, ultraRendu and microrendu all have benefited from my UpTone LPS1 and LPS1.2 upgrades, so I am not someone who pooh-poohs LPS substitution in other settings.
  9. Thank you. I wasn't clear about that after glancing at the websites, whereas it is absolutely clear that they both work with USB DAC's via USB cable. I don't think I made my own system requirements clear, however. Clicking on the link shows that you can stream TO Volumio as a renderer using DLNA, but I don't see at first glance that you can stream FROM it as a server. I am trying to liberate my NUC from Roon ROCK when my subscription expires as you may recall. I want it to stream to my rendus.
  10. Might be a bit off-topic, but we are talking about streaming. Are Rune and Volumio capable of serving a DLNA stream over an ethernet connection in addition to playing over their USB outputs?
  11. I do use a universal naming convention for both classical and jazz. I got album titles and performer names to appear in Roon as they do in JRiver (where I do my metadata editing) by setting up import to use my metadata instead of its own, so that it appears as I wish. Then, unfortunately, Roon can’t identify the album and I don’t get the “premium content.” I guess I’ve derailed my own thread by taking it off topic like this, but I hope this shows there actually is a method to my madness!
  12. Well aware! Otherwise, I would have tried it before Roon. I don't seem to have too many options, though, especially with a NUC. If I hadn't been seduced by the NUC form factor (it tucks into the dead space behind my monitor on my desk), I probably should have invested a bit more in a server that runs a desktop CPU.
  13. Thanks, Kal. I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness when it comes to Roon. P.S. I know she's "Diana" Krall. Autocorrection error that I failed to notice within the edit window.
  14. Thanks, Jud. I used Audirvana before I started using Roon. I uninstalled it because I have had a couple of issues with it, not the least of which is that it routinely ran my cpu into the high 90c's when upsampling. Considering that I switched from JRiver MC to Audirvana only because I could upsample to DSD over DLNA, I decided to move on.
  15. Thanks. Your post apparently appeared while I was typing my own response to bluesman.
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