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Did something break in EAC?


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I'm using EAC v1.1 which I've had installed for a long time. For some reason it is now getting confused with apostrophes in text and replacing them with jibberish characters as seen below (the album name is supposed to be Dippin' and the last track is supposed to be Ballin'). It's been doing this for the last 20 or so discs I've ripped and I have to go in and fix them before ripping.


I don't think I've made any changes to the computer besides the major Windows update (anniversary?), but I can't remember if this started happening before or after the update.



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It's not "gibberish": try reading it aloud. Anyway, you can edit it.


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Spelling out "'" wherever an apostrophe goes isn't exactly sensible. Like I said in the post I'm aware you can go in and edit them, some albums with 20+ tracks might require editing a quarter to a half of the tracks (ie Mosaic jazz discs).


Anyway the solution was to uninstall EAC and reinstall the latest version.

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