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  1. For anyone that also owns (or owned) AKG K1000 how does the bass on the RAAL compare?
  2. lol I can't say I'd be too keen on hearing another one if I had that many versions! For the most part in my situation I got out of vinyl about 3 or 4 years ago to being 90% digital only and since then I've been looking for my favorite albums on the best sounding versions on digital. I personally think if you can find the best mastering of an album that will make just as massive a difference as a nice equipment upgrade since the digital files being played are truly the first source even before the DAC, so that is why my quest (and many others on the Hoffman forums) look for the truly best sounding version of albums we love. BTW someone on that forum said Acoustic Sounds has temporarily taken these down to check the files, but they should be coming back, so please chime in if anyone gets any!
  3. Acoustic Sounds is offering DSD (64fs) downloads of some of Blue Note's best albums. Has anyone heard them, if so can you post a sample? They are saying they are flat transfers of the master tapes which is pretty appealing to me. These are already available in hi-res from HDTracks and perhaps from other retailers but they are mastered (ie have EQ, etc). I know they've been offering the AP SACD, DSD rips for a while, these are new titles that went up within the last few days and specifically say flat transfers.
  4. Damn, that is a real shame. Has there been talks about archiving the Yahoo Group's posts? There is some tremendous information in those old posts.
  5. I would love to hear from Kii owners how this Mahler symphony sounds like, I'm particularly interested in the image depth and width, more so if you have the speakers closer to the front wall. With all my conventional speakers they need some distance from the front wall to create that illusion of image depth, but I have never heard Kii and D&D that want to be placed closer to the front wall. Thank you! https://listen.tidal.com/album/19320601 I chose this since the recording quality is reference quality.
  6. I've been using dbpoweramp for a year or so now. I find that it is fine for discs in excellent condition, but in my experience I have to use EAC (secure, test and copy) for scratched CDs. I just bought a bunch of classical CDs that look like the previous owner really enjoyed them and about a quarter of them are stalling on dbpoweramp but ripping fine with no errors in EAC. I've had similar experiences in the past.
  7. I generally scan the booklet or if they're from smaller classical labels they often provide a PDF download. With classical music these often have some great information on the compositions or the performer's insights into the music. If they are difficult to scan or risk damaging the book from cracking the spine too much, I just leave them alone and read the actual booklet. I'm interested in hearing if anyone else reads these notes digitally and if so how you do it. The two main methods I'm considering are either an iPad or Android tablet. Due to my practices's poor EMR software on OS X I have been Windows for a long time (I also enjoy PC gaming hence my other reason for mostly being PC) and have an Android phone, but I am by no means anti-Apple, their shares have done very well for me. The second question is should these images/PDFs be stored locally or should I look into web hosting? If doing one or the other what is an efficient way to look up/open them on either tablet? Being able to locate them by either composer or performer would be ideal, but just one field (I would chose composer) would be fine. Thanks.
  8. It seems I can no longer edit my post to ask a question- Mario have you tried recording to tape and if so did you feel digital recording was superior?
  9. Thanks Mario, I've mentioned your label on a couple of classical music forums on how recorded piano should sound
  10. If I am understanding this correctly these are locally stored tags in Roon and not written to the files? How would it handle box sets that are a compilation by artist or say conductor? Would you be able to have the name of the box set as well as the name of the original LP era album come up properly in Roon and searchable?
  11. Thank you, I am somewhere more along the lines of 4500 CDs I too like historical recordings from the 78 era, fortunately we have many great reissue labels putting them out on CD. Roon just did not work well for me with my collection, I have recordings of the same piece by the same artist just recorded at a different date or live vs studio. In some cases like the Beethoven piano sonatas I've counted as many as 3 or 4 different performances of the same piece by Wilhelm Backhaus, one of my favorite Beethoven interpreters. I have thought about contacting the Roon team to see if I could beta test given the size of my collection, but frankly don't have the time to do so.
  12. bluesman do you mind saying how many classical tracks (or albums/CDs) you have? Just trying to get a rough idea what you mean when you say Roon is good for classical, I am thinking about giving it another try. Thanks.
  13. Thank you for the balanced review Keith. Do you have any plans to try Audiolense? I have tried finding pros and cons between the two software but have not been able to find much.
  14. Andrea Lucchesini, I've since been able to find the CD box thanks to the help of a friend. After over 20 years of hearing dozens of artists play these works I can confidently say it's one of the best interpretations I've ever heard.
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