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Issue with Roon > SOse > Sony UDA-1

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I bought a Sony UDA-1 for my kitchen to replace a Teac AI-301DA that I wanted to use elsewhere. The SOse into the Sony is acting very strange. Even though the Sony is HiRes capable it is doing one of two things. Roon is down converting everything to 44 or it plays everything but DSD. When a DSD track comes on it just hisses. I would expect Roon to down convert but not all the way to 44. The really odd thing is I caught it down converting my other system with a uR to 44 also. I rebooted my mac and now I get the "everything but DSD". Very odd. The Teac plays everything fantastic. I guess I will just move the Sony to a system that is just a TV or something. I think I should ditch the Sony and buy another Teac.

Any ideas?

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Hi sts9fan


SOse & uR? Assuming you're referring to Sonore's Sonicorbiter SE & microRendu network audio streaming devices, have you tried using them with the Sony UDA-1 in an output mode other than the RoonReady (Roon Endpoint) one?


If it turns out you have a similar issue with the Sonore devices downsampling to 44.1kHz when ouputting to the Sony UDA-1 with other output modes, then it's an incompatibility issue for the Sonores themselves and therefore very likely has nothing to do with the Roon Server. It might also be best to report this downsampling issue of the Sonicorbiter SE and the microRendu with the Sony UDA-1 in the appropriate Sonore sponsored threads, where you're bound to get a better response:

Forum: Sonore (Sponsored)



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