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Ergonomics & Euphonics


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Well, I really like the toggle switches, but not so crazy about the "twist slightly" knobs (tho that does eliminate the problematic pots). The knobs feel cheap, not like the nice ones I pawed at in the 1970s, tho they do have the same shape.


Also, it takes a few steps of increment to move the LED display so that is an ergonomic disconnect (i.e. you change the volume a bit but the LEDs don't change).


But the BIG problem is that the dealer who sold me this used unit apparently did not test it before sale. I am having all sort of problems with it, especially when using the balanced outputs - one channel out, or after 5 minutes I get no sound at all (tho the LEDs did not change), or a an odd ppffft noise and then a channel goes dead.

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