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My system demo album (I am a recording engineer)

Pro Jules

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Lou Reeds "Ecstasy" album


It was recorded in Sear Sound studios, NYC, USA


Sear Sound was at the time of recording, an absolute shrine of analog recording gear, a Noah's Ark of vintage valve mic's and expertly tuned 2" analog tape multitrack recording machines. The rooms were of sonic standard long ago abandoned.


From the pillow to the chest kick drum low end to his long standing bassist Fernando (i worked with him myself on another project) in the spotlight playing a 5 string (fretless) bass (the additional low string allowing for very low sub bass excursions) to the 'spit' you can hear on the brass section's horn reeds.


The jagged guitar sounds are crystal clear and no doubt created through some high end / vintage valve guitar amps & combos (Reed was a guitar tone junkie) String sections sound like they are playing right in front of you.


As for the music itself, it is raggedly out of time frequently, tempos vary wildly and Lou sings clearly off key pretty much most of the time (when he is not out of tune he is doing his trademark 'talk singing') But that's been his style from his late 60's beginnings - The lyrics are very interesting and his musicians skillfully roll with his erratic stagger so this is an acquired taste. (I am a lifelong fan)


The frequency spectrum and sound staging of the individual instrument components presented is IMHO an outstanding example of classic analog recording at its very best the caliber of which an all digital capture with more modern equipment, wouldn't come close to.


Get it at the highest sample rate you can I enjoyed it in my studio from CD via Benchmark DAC -1, Grace 903 and Prism converters.


I have it at 96k 24bit (but havent heard that yet - long story here in my other recent posts)



Hifi: Qobuz, Roon, Weiss 501, ADAM Audio A5X  + sub. Portable: iPhone 12 pro max, Qobuz, THX Onyx DAC, Empire Ears Nemesis iems. 

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