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$50 Lightning In Ear Headphones?


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My wife and I have a $50 cap on our Christmas gifts to one another (I'm getting $50 worth of socks, which sadly I need) but I'd like to get her some gym/jogging headphones. She uses the Apple headphone with her iPhone 6 so currently she has a 3.5mm adapter but because she's committed to the iPhone, the next phone won't have the 3.5mm jack. Thusly, I'd like to get her a lightning enabled pair of in ear headphones. I know there are adapters but it seems like that's one more thing to come unplugged.


There are a few options on Amazon but I'd like to get a recommendation or two from people with an eye to decent sound. She streams to her phone from JRiver in our home and we have the quality squeezed tight to keep the data bill down so 24bit/96k is a non issue.


Any experience or am I daft?


Thanks for the help everyone.


Nvidia ION running JRiver 21 on Win 7

- USB to Firestone Audio Bravo USB to SPDIF Converter. Optical to miniDSP NanoDigi eq/crossover. SPDIF to 2 Cambridge Audio DacMagics. Analogue to Audio Refinement Pre-5 to 2 M&K V-75 powered subwoofers & Audio Refinement Multi-2 power amp to Focal Chorus 716s.

- Intel NUC on Win 10 as JRiver 21 DLNA renderer. USB to Breeze Audio DU-U8 USB to SPDIF converter. SPDIF to Anthem MRX-520. Mirage OMD-5: left, right & surrounds. Mirage OMD-C1: center. SVS-SB-2000: subwoofer.

- Raspberry Pi2 with HifiBerry Dac+Pro on Volumio DLNA renderer to Rega Mira 3 to Dali Zensor 1s.

- Raspberry Pi2 with HifiBerry Dac+Standard on Volumio DLNA renderer to NAD 312 to PSB Alphas.

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