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TuneBlade - Windows to Airplay software


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I have been looking for something to stream from a music player on Windows to my Marantz amp that supports AirPlay.


I came across TuneBlade which seems to the job pretty well. I don't have a high end system, so I can't make detailed comparisons on quality but it is simple and cheap (£7.99) and has a demo version.

It's been stable and just does what it claims to for me, at least..


As it doesn't seem to be mentioned much, I thiugth I'd post a note here.


Usual disclaimers...

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What Windows music player software do you use? Some support UPnP/DLNA streaming, eg JRiver Media Center, foobar2000 with appropriate plugin components, etc, which is the more usual way to network file stream from Windows - assuming your Marantz supports UPnP/DLNA as well as AirPlay (I don't know any Marantz streamers that support AirPlay and not UPnP/DLNA too).


Is there any noticeable delay between the playback actions at the player software via TuneBlade's AirPlay & the sound appearing at the Marantz?


Have you compared your music player software + TuneBlade combo, to using iTunes as the music player, which natively supports AirPlay and is in sync, even the Windows version?

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