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Nice HQ Player developer, please give us a ReplayGain function on Mac OS, thanks!


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I just bought HQ Player. Really hope to use the ReplayGain function but it turns out it`s not supported by HQ Player yet.


I see currently the only solution to get a Replaygain on Mac is to purchase the very expensive Roon, which is really not needed by me.


The point is, I really don`t want to spend 500 dollars on one single function, which is actually very common to music player softwares nowadays: iTunes, Spotify, Audirvana, Tidal, etc., almost every single music player support loudness normalization control.


Really wish to see it in HQ Player, because I really need this function...

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New Audirvana Plus 2.6 support replaygain now...

If You Got Ears, You Gotta ListenCaptain Beefheart


MacMini, 4xi3 3.6GHz, SSD, 20Gb, macOS 12.0 > Audirvana Studio 1.6 >

Wyred DAC2 DSD Special Edition > Proceed AMP2 > Focal Cobalt 826 Signature Series >

Audirvana Remote > iPhone 11

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