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  1. Write to [email protected] and tell them you want an extension of trial when the remote will be ready... Damien said to write to them for that for people who want it :) then wait :)
  2. Mine come back where i was... Catalina 10.15.7
  3. We are a long way to get to Firefox rapid increase of number... 89.0.2
  4. you can like others said, and they don’t touch each other database and prefs, they have each their own…
  5. Damien released 1.5 2h Following today’s update of Studio, here is the change log of this 1.5 version: MacOs: Add new My Playlists browser (Entry in My Music) Fix hang when playing over UPnP a playlist made of local and streaming tracks Fix playlist shortcuts for streaming playlists Fix opening of album in playlist made of dropped files
  6. some said a restart should be done after uninstalling PC version 1.3 Damien3 IMPORTANT For all Windows 10 users of Studio, please take a look at the change log to properly get the update and not having to do the analysis of your track. Following today’s update of Studio, here is the change log of this 1.4.5 version: MacOs: Fix display issues on High Sierra Show number of active filters in toolbar button Fix streaming playlist album play
  7. Version 1.4 for Mac only is out... From Damien, Following today’s update of Studio, here is the change log of this 1.4 version: MacOS: Improve audio files analysis progress information Play AAC radio streams Pause radio playback Other minor UI fixes For Windows 10 we will make the update to 1.4 in the next few days, we will update this release note as soon it will be available.
  8. Damien3 18h Following today’s update of Studio, here is the changelog of this 1.3 version: MacOs: Fix SysOptimizer installation error Show all HRA streaming curated playlists Improve reliability playing to multichannel DACs Fix iTunes synched album tracks listing Other minor fixes Windows 10:
  9. Come back here and ask again when Audirvana 3.5 will stop working, it will surely work longer then you have it already, or stay with 10.15.7 and have it forever…
  10. From a website? if you can export that playlist in m3u format you will be able to import it after in Audirvana...
  11. when hard disc saved playlists, you click the three little dots to import, found them on computer, then select the first in the list and with shift key you select the last one, then import. for qobuz or tidal, sorry i never streamed, can’t help.
  12. If you have your playlists saved somewhere you can just click the three dots to import all at one time...
  13. 100 000 tracks is huge!! Come on, like 7000 albums !!
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