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  1. https://community.audirvana.com/t/blurry-cover-images-in-mac-os-big-sur/19495
  2. I Updated my text again for Catalina Direct Mode Hack to work again Audirvana 3.5.43 with 10.15.7 and the Security Update Apple made after... Thank you @odedia for your code command that i add to made it works again in Catalina... link have been updated: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j843bj4s3wi3mod/AudirvanaCatalinaDirectMode.zip?dl=0
  3. To be clear... Kills your Mac sound if you had Direct Mode hack before the update
  4. 14 December 2020... Don't do the new Security Update of Apple... it kills Direct Mode and sound in MAC... I could not put back sound or Direct Mode yet... Had to reinstall Catalina from NEW with security update and done with Direct Mode or Backup with Direct Mode but no security Update from december 14, 2020... you decide :)
  5. didn't tried it yet with Big Sur since my old mac mini late 2012 is too old for Big Sur without hacking it also :) might do it later just for fun... :)
  6. Again for those who are looking for Direct Mode with Catalina... here is the link... that DropBox soft likes to f*ck things up; again just wait to see the direct download arrow on top right!?! https://www.dropbox.com/s/j843bj4s3wi3mod/AudirvanaCatalinaDirectMode.zip?dl=0
  7. Just took me one minute to post... you can lose much more time realising after 200 cds that there not ripped like you wanted. 😀 There is even prefs that reduce covers if not unchecked if i remember...
  8. In any software, it is always good to look at the preferences... to get things like you want them to be...
  9. Your tagging are not the same for Artist and Album Artist... Make tag editing panel appear on the right side... click an album not sorted like you want by clicking that artist name, then edit the name of artist or album artist to the way you wanted it sorted...
  10. Is it here that we say i like the new layout from maybe a week ago, notice fonts and layout changed for better to my eyes... 😀
  11. Eh!! you found another bug... seems to happen at every 8gb around... 8 for me 16 for you... if i remember your movie. but... do you listen to your music sliding the cursor like that... For me you don't need to touch that memory slider when you are not upsampling... Audirvana default leave around 2.5gb for system and the rest is just for loading the songs faster in memory... BUT, when upsampling, things are different... you are not playing bit perfect now... and the computer has to work much differently depending on what you have...
  12. It could if you change your Upsampling settings for each separately , but can't save those for them separately...
  13. If you are on a MAC, try this: If you have Playlists that are important export them first to desktop and save them in a folder… Deleting the database erase them... you can re-import them back in one shot. sadly to this day, the folders they were in if so, are not back, you have to do them again… Go in prefs menu and delete all folders you have if any for your music in there with the minus sign, then Close Audirvana. Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System… When you have clicked your Home Folder, and can
  14. that memory setting is the default one for what you have in your mac... try 1024mb when you are upsampling and see
  15. sent you a private message here... you surely have something flashing on the website...
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