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  1. Fot those who cares, Damien answered that about Amazon HD Music on his forum: Because they are Amazon, we believe their new HD service will contribute to promote quality audio, and we support that in general. So we are open to integrate their service into Audirvana, but that is the only thing we can say so far.
  2. For what i know, i think when upsampling DSD, your safe volume setting, should be set at -3 dB
  3. Beta remote for android seems to be going on now, were next i suppose 😀
  4. If you are upsampling better put memory to 1024mb instead of higher, go low...
  5. It is not an easy job being a dev as all the bugs people have like these, really strange. Have tried uninstalled it yourself and put it back?
  6. Since you cant read it, maybe you can translate it Audirvana - 21 juin, à 10 h 00 · La Remote Audirvana a été complètement remaniée et vous apporte de nouvelles fonctionnalités. L'application Android entre dans la phase bêta d'ici la fin de la semaine prochaine et sera disponible peu de temps après. La version iOS mise à jour est aussi en développement et sera annoncée bientôt.
  7. Mine... Maybe you will have to see when new Remote version is release soon
  8. what happen if you select Artists instead of Albums... do you see the letters bar ?
  9. Forgot to write when in cover view, you can do cmd + or - to shrink covers or bigger them like you want
  10. look also to the right corner screen 'Filter' click it and see or trash it to return to covers in rows. This is my window when opening Audirvana, not by genre...
  11. By the way... this is on Audirvana Facebook page... coming soon
  12. you know you could drag the columns too each field to fill your screen like mine... also right click on title field to get more choice... you can drag the fields to invert them like you want... also check your sorting option in the preferences, here is mine
  13. Many people love the new sound, i too, really better in the bass part to my hearing, don’t want to go back 😀
  14. Put 2 fingers and shrink the covers by the center like for a picture on iphone to see 4 covers by row to see if bar come back... it is there for sure
  15. if you don't see the left panel on Audirvana, maybe it was push away... just go to the left of window, and drag your mouse to the right to see the panel... not sure if i understood you
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