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  1. Mojave Direct Mode enable link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cq8uvtuov6sudgw/AudirvanaMojaveDirectMode.zip?dl=0
  2. The prefs i was talking about in my previous post for trashing, was the SysOpt prefs only. if you trash Audirvana main preferences you will have to put back your settings like they were, like you wanted them, DAC too and serial number. All meta or tags for your music files that you edit in Audirvana tag editor are store in the file itself, so trashing preferences doesn't affect the files, just the layout. Also trashing the database .sqlite, trash all your playlists and the play count number preference of each file you have played before. So before trashing the database,
  3. for the covers, don't change them, surely a Big Sur bug that will be fix. Update your Big Sur also...11.2.1 now
  4. try deleting its preferences… Close Audirvana Go to the Main Library Folder… PrivilegedHelperTools folder… Trash All the files in that folder from Audirvana (that folder install SysOptimizer) Go to the Main Library Folder… LaunchDaemons Folder… Trash All the files in that folder from Audirvana (SystemOptimizer and prefs files) Restart MAC. Restart Audirvana… play song, it will reinstall it Damien give that answer also on his forums: Can you close Audirvana and do the three commands below in Terminal? sudo launchctl load -w /Libra
  5. If you know Damien, you should know Miska... It is not me :)
  6. HQPlayer was always free for an hour at the time or something like that if i remember well, might have changed since, so you have plenty of time to try it, and try it...
  7. https://community.audirvana.com/t/blurry-cover-images-in-mac-os-big-sur/19495
  8. I Updated my text again for Catalina Direct Mode Hack to work again Audirvana 3.5.43 with 10.15.7 and the Security Update Apple made after... Thank you @odedia for your code command that i add to made it works again in Catalina... link have been updated: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j843bj4s3wi3mod/AudirvanaCatalinaDirectMode.zip?dl=0
  9. To be clear... Kills your Mac sound if you had Direct Mode hack before the update
  10. 14 December 2020... Don't do the new Security Update of Apple... it kills Direct Mode and sound in MAC... I could not put back sound or Direct Mode yet... Had to reinstall Catalina from NEW with security update and done with Direct Mode or Backup with Direct Mode but no security Update from december 14, 2020... you decide :)
  11. didn't tried it yet with Big Sur since my old mac mini late 2012 is too old for Big Sur without hacking it also :) might do it later just for fun... :)
  12. Again for those who are looking for Direct Mode with Catalina... here is the link... that DropBox soft likes to f*ck things up; again just wait to see the direct download arrow on top right!?! https://www.dropbox.com/s/j843bj4s3wi3mod/AudirvanaCatalinaDirectMode.zip?dl=0
  13. Just took me one minute to post... you can lose much more time realising after 200 cds that there not ripped like you wanted. 😀 There is even prefs that reduce covers if not unchecked if i remember...
  14. In any software, it is always good to look at the preferences... to get things like you want them to be...
  15. Your tagging are not the same for Artist and Album Artist... Make tag editing panel appear on the right side... click an album not sorted like you want by clicking that artist name, then edit the name of artist or album artist to the way you wanted it sorted...
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