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  1. I think mac mini is good, could be Audirvana, when buying dsd128, no problem, but Converting dsd128 to others format, cannot Answers that, @damien78 could ?
  2. yes, it is call Activity monitor, it is with all Mac, utility folder, you can see memory used, cpu load in real time... Audirvana, when not upsampling, just playing bit perfect flac file or dsd native file for example runs on nothing, if your dac can do what you are playing... if your dac can't proceed DSD256 like mine (max 128), it will play the file to 352pcm... even that, doesn't need much ressources... but taking a 16//44 file to process (upsampling) to dsd128 like with my maximum dac can do, uses my computer mac mini much more ressources... and can skip or hangs sometimes... i5 16gb... i guess with a new iMac 6cores, 8gb of memory by default, that will run easely...
  3. Tried to find a song at DSD128... to show my mac mini 2012 i5 16gb playing a song... takes around 3 seconds to load into memory, then Audirvana load the second track while playing the first one... Then, Mac Mini is sleeping to the end of the CD almost 95% of the time and doesn't stop for me... So, with your setup and Mac i7, it should be easier then mine... then, what i think, is related to RAID (maybe not ) or the soft you made your DSD128 track with, that is buggy... Here some pictures seen playing the first song of a DSD128 track not done with a software offline... Hope it helps you resolve that bug... Mmmm, bugs, with all hate them
  4. Now you know that i don’t know RAID like I said 😀 then, have you tried the 3 steps for optimizing your database file? Or delete it and redo it? Trash your prefs files of Audirvana, you should not have trouble playing dsd128 As you said. does this came from The dsd128 done with that software? Have you tried downloading a free exemple of dsd128 to see?
  5. You could try googling raid and 4gb file, you know when you format a usb stick in fat32 you can’t copy large files even if the stick as 16gb... maybe raid the same?
  6. I didn’t remember you from Audirvana site many questions complaints there to answers...
  7. i know some problem people have on PC version (i know you are on a mac) is big file... can't remember, i think 4gb or more... like old Windows thing that can't read more than that in one file... i don't know RAID format, but could it be that? my late 2012 i5 with 16gb of memory is set up at 13 312mb in Audirvana... i have no problem just longer to buff... your i7 should be more relax then mine... your set up look good to me...
  8. The thing with Audirvana, i think, it went too fast after Mac version not perfect yet... to streaming many plateforms, to Windows 10 version... You will all have to wait a bit to see some design updateS... Some for me are pretty easy to update to make it WAY better... Oh, wait, there is also the remote on Mac and PC now Damien is not out of job yet...
  9. If you want less things to worry about, never tell iTunes or Music (now on Catalina) where is your music folder... just use Audirvana 1st method: monitored folder. Tags your files like you want, save your .sqlite library file often, and be free 😀
  10. see post #2209 up there
  11. yes fonts are big in Audirvana
  12. you can create smart playlists for Genres like me... that way you can remove Genre tab in track view... you can add a filter the see the album ratings and song rating and click back on it to make it disappear and remove that tab also in window...
  13. I do my editing through mac screen sharing on a 27’ iMac 😀
  14. i'm not english first speaking, but i always found it strangely written...
  15. Smart playlists, so they get updated automaticly
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