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  1. Cool moment !! Kirk is not my favorite for sure, but i love him on some CDs... But for playing two winds at the time i much prefer David Jackson with Van Der Graaf Generator
  2. i'm pretty sure something with refreshing is bugging with Audirvana... like your Tidal database maybe, or mine with song played not refreshing or albums covers loading all the time you click somewhere... you click an album played it doesn't say it was played all songs once, but if you go a different path, then back to that album, you will see that those songs were played once...
  3. i turn Audirvana on in the morning and close it at night when going to sleep... today i had 3 Kansas albums before going to work and going back from work add 2 Roland Kirk CDs... i don't do backup or online backups while things are going on... Maybe once a month a get back home from my father my hard drives for backups and update them
  4. i have one drive with music on.. When i put a new CDs in a folder of it, Audirvana sync by default... that is good, if for whatever reason it doesn't, same with JRiver, i hit the reload button or sync in Audirvana and it help syncing faster... i don't do backup while playing music or copying my Audirvana database for backup while music is playing, i wait till it is shut down for sure... When i do a clone of my music or macOS system i surely not doing anything else while at it
  5. Select tracks where they are, select three dots on left of tracks selected... add to play queue. Why not syncing while playing ? never bugged me. Same with optimizing options, two out of three options, doesn't bug either... only third option have to close A+.
  6. RunHomeSlow

    Recycle bin

    Why you just take does files from your hard drive and put them yourself in the trash?, then Audirvana will refresh and make them disappear from the list. Don't let a software do it for you... then, when a bug ocurre, or an update f*ck things up , you don't count on them to do your thing...
  7. Found not too stable either, even when refreshing cover albums view, the music could stutter (not always), clicking a long playlist is long and music playing could buzz and stutter, look like the covers are not cache ever, and music is not cached also since i'm not using plugins, upsampling or Direct Mode hack...and song is all loaded in a second at beginning... didn't try to unplug my Hard drive to see if the song still play after... Mmmm
  8. On remote, press 1 sec or 2 on pause, will bring stop button
  9. How you cannot ? working fine here, can select as many as i want or all, or just one...
  10. Can't help you with that bug and not able to play MQA files
  11. Nothing against you my friend, just about people not looking a bit before seeing something new and not trying to see what they are not used to before making complains. I made a lot of complains in lay out or bugs not happy to me to Damien in beta downloading testing, not all changed now, but i'm i all good at what i say to him, can't say ? but i can't find anything at first that wasn't there in 3.2.x that is not there in 3.5... Yes layout changed, is it better or less for all of you ? but all the options from 3.2.x to 3.5 are there for sure (i think )
  12. God damn!! i was just thinking the same as you @AudioDoctor seeing OldBigEars comment and All OTHERS... all the same editing or features are there in 3.5 as they were in 3.2.x what are you not trying do do all you guys complaining... can you see the icons, can you do cmd i, clicking an icon you never see to look what it does, cmd + or - to big or minimize your albums or small them in layout. i too, know that there is bugs or not complete layout or contrast in color to make it simpler... in blue or light options, but all was there in 3.2 can be seen in 3.5... open your eyes! click icon try something !! this is not photoshop with hundred of settings... takes 2 minutes to click everything on Audirvana and see all menus options... Arf you guys !!!
  13. Damien is the developer, i'm good with him... paid for him... with his company going bigger, i think he can afford a designer, someone who can respond to... here or at audirana.com, licensing bug, blah blah blah... and let Damien do his thing more focused, and don't have to deal with icon and layout...
  14. I'd like to go further with my thoughts The first thing i want in a player like Audirvana, HQPlayer or JRiver, is that they play my songs without skipping, ticking, buzzing between tracks or at the end, between sample rates changes... That is the first thing i want since i flushed my CD player because of that... having bugs with the laser not being constant and chosing to go softwares instead... I like very much HQPlayer for is capability of playing Upsampling without too much motor oil compared to Audirvana for my system and is sound, but not the design layout for sure, but i love the new sound of Audirvana 3.5 a lot also... the bass end has been really updated for me in 3.5.x, much well present for my ears, but i still have problems if i try upsampling to DSD128, top of my DAC... track load all the way, but for no reason, the song will stop for 1 second in the middle sometimes... don't like that, don't seems to be loaded in memory before playing, if i clicked back to see my library when music being Upsampled it will tics, skips, stops till the library covers reload, don't like that also... covers library seems not in cache, seems to be always refreshing disturbing the music playing. I also don't like some design in the new version, Damien needs a real graphic designer, not a friend or family member that seem like sometimes. But like Jud said earlier, there is so many things to check now that it went to PC, new design on MAC with new sound too... Streaming Plateforms, MQA bullshit ! and all, too many variables to check for one person on a family and other thing happening out of Audirvana to cope with... The best way to go for me now with Audirvana is to let it play my songs like they were, no upsamplig, no EQ, no plugins... like that, i have no trouble... but sometimes, i like to try what i want, with what i can... Audirvana is still my favorite and most versatile player with a remote i choose to use now. If you got ears, you gotta listen... Music is the best. Happy listen you all !
  15. Yes, not being able to copy or save his license when purchased something is strange Also like people not being able to find old settings in new Audirvana interface also is strange... It took less then 5 minutes too see all menus in Audirvana or on the Apple menu bar of Audirvana or click anything in the interface for new icon to see all of them... Don't download Photoshop or InDesign... you will get lost for sure there if you'll get lost in Audirvana
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