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audirvana +:'error initializing sound device'


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to Jud/Damien et al

I have been getting the above notice in a popdown box with the message:

'the sound device is already hogged by another application ((null),pid=438)-unable to start playing' or pid=0

I also get this message: 'unable to grab exclusive access OSError=hog!'

Can anyone explain what this means and how do I fix it?

I use A+,Qobuz desktop,TIDAL desktop, JRiver MC, Amarra sQ+, Ama rra for TIDAL and ROON with HQP.

I don't play any of these with others 'running' as far as I can I can tell.

The first message appears when using Schiit FULLA. I get music either through Built-in Output via mini Toslink output on my Mac Mini to Toslink input on Schiit Gungnir or Speaker-Schiit USB audio device from USB out on Mac Mini to USB in on the Gungnir(or sometimes not then I get that pid=0 message.

I have similar/worse problems with ROON that I will address in another thread.

I really would like a solution with A+ problem as I like the convenience of A+ with Qobuz/TIDAL/my iTunes library all in one place and I think SQ is excellent.

I have not upgraded to Sierra still use El Capitan.

My system is I think rather simple:

late 2012 i7 16GB RAM Schiit Gungnir and Magni and FULLA

the mac is wireless with WiFi ethernet from new Arris router to new Time Capsule Extreme-no ethernet from the Mac Mini

The Gungnir is RCA's out my AVR

I use Sennheiser RS 195's(wireless) and Sennheiser HD 598's.



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