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Bach: French Suites by Murray Perahia on Deutsche Grammophon (24/96)


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Murray Perahia very recently moved from Sony to Deutshe Grammophon, the French Suites are the first album released on his new label.


The playing is outstanding as usual, I've reviewed it here: https://musicophilesblog.com/2016/11/13/murray-perahias-french-suites-a-must-have/


However, I'm a bit disappointed he went to DG. While his old recordings for CBS/Sony (often on SACD) where never perfect, I still overall liked their house sound. Now on his first album we get the typical DG house sound for piano. Nothing fundamentally wrong with it, but overall a bit heavy especially for this delicate music.


Technically the recording is ok, here's the Musiscope plot, with no obvious hard filtering (not a lot of high frequency content either, but this is normal for a piano), and a DR ranging from 10-12 (and this is not intrinsically very dynamic music).


But I still would have preferred to have this on Sony rather than DG.


01 French Suite No.1 In D Minor, BWV 812_1. Allemande.m4a_report.png

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