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Positive Feedback DSD Sampler # 1 - On Sale for Under $5


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Positive Feedback DSD Sampler Volume 1 features 10 tracks selected from the Native DSD catalog by David Robinson, Editor in Chief at Positive Feedback Online.


The DSD Sampler has over 1 hour of music that is available in Stereo DSD 64fs, DSD 128fs and DSD 256fs. The accompanying PDF booklet includes a discussion of why each track made the Top 10 DSD selections.


You can pick up the sampler, in all three DSD bit rates, for just $9.25. To sweeten the deal, it's on sale at 50% off - a price of $4.63 - through October 31, 2016 using offer code PFsampler01.


PF DSD Sampler 1 - NDSD006.jpg



Just released! The PF DSD Sampler, Volume 1 - Positive Feedback

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