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How many will be at Audio Connections on the 30th to meet Alex from Ayre

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and listen to the QX-5? I'm attending and I always like to meet posters from the boards. If you are there, I'll be using either my walking sticks or my rollator (walker with wheels). It's a cool aluminum build that you've never seen so I will stand out, lol. I know some of you guys live in the Verona, NJ area and go to events like this. I"m driving in from central CT.

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Nothing??? LOL...this is the first Northeast showing of the QX5 and Alex from Ayre will be there. It will most probably be featured on a pair of Vandersteen 7 mk2's and the Ayre reference gear.


Who's going to be there?

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It was a fun day. The QX5 showed tons of promise and I'm glad that I purchased one. It only had about 30 hours on it and by 6pm last night, you could hear it breaking in little by little. The bones of it were there though and I know it will be killer once it's got a few hundred hours on it. Looks great, built great and the headphone amp was outstanding with my Noble Savant's and it had 0 hours on it, lol. The amp is built similarly to the Codex (to me one of digital's best buys), but with the best parts they had on hand as the budget allowed for that. I still can't believe that it has 10 digital connections you can use. What a digital hub and we used Roon to run it. I've never used Roon before, but Michael Lavorgna has been telling me use it before deciding what to use for a hard drive set up. I honestly think that I will just do the Qnap 471 with Roon on the SSD in the first bay and follow the set up that Michael shared and that's on the QNAP site. I will also do the optical conversation and run it to the system to get rid of the RF problems that an ethernet cable can have.


I can't really talk about HOW the QX5/Twenty sounded since it was nearly out of the box, but it's going to punch well above it's range like every other Ayre product. What an exciting company to watch as they continually keep upgrading what are good products and allowing we users to pay minimally for these upgrades so we don't feel left out in the cold. Alex from Ayre is a great guy and it was fun picking his brain on the QX5/Twenty as well as other Ayre products. Was a fun day for me personally as a few of my friends showed up from the boards.

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