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  1. Chris, Sam sells it from his site. If you have interest in any of his software (it really takes things to a better level) get in touch with Sam. Text Sam at: 917-535-8888 email at: [email protected] Feel free to tell him Pete sent you. He'll be able to let you know if he can help or not. I also know they have even more software upgrades from what they share on the site as their players keep getting upgraded.
  2. My server, The Memory Player by Laufer Technic, uses Windows. They are selling some amazing software to lower jitter etc. that my buddy installed on his Windows computer and it sounds amazing. He built a minimal server and used the build in DAC on the board. He build a nice sounding LPS to drive it all, but once he installed some of this software, it took it to a new level. It's all about implementation though. You can make any of them sound good, but some sound a lot better if done properly. I enjoy reading these threads to find out what folks are doing. Fun stuff, thank
  3. I was wondering if anyone else is using this server (some with DAC). I have been using it for a couple of years now. I have the internal DAC and now a true dual balanced analog volume control to run direct to my Vandersteen mono blocks that drive Vandersteen Quatro CT's. A close friend, Matt Clott writes for The Absolute Sound and did the review on the top Innuos server and has heard the Taiko (former Green Machine I believe it was called). Matt feels its the best server he's ever heard and purchased one. I too feel it's the best server I've had in my system to play with and it's not close
  4. There's a company out of Atlanta, GA called Empire Ears. Jack and his crew make some of the best IEM's and CIEM's that you can buy. Their entry level is around 500 or so I believe, but they are serious IEM's and compete for best in the world. www.empireears.com
  5. I have friends who have gotten teh smaller Memory Player for Laufer. www.thememoryplayer.net if you get in touch with Sam, he can discuss with you what he can do to help. They make the best players right now and it's not close. Their software lower the jitter big time. I own their top unit and am blown away by the great sound. I notice so many folks making things complicated and saving only a few dollars and still not getting what they want IRT sound. Every single time you add something in digital it's a crap shoot. Noise and jitter just get in the way. It's a system jus
  6. This happens all the time in the digital world. SO often we've all seen this same scenario where a company does it's job and responds quickly, but it it to a dead account that was never updated, or to spam etc... I use Apple and have to constantly change the outgoing email server being used as it always tries to default to my iCloud email that I too, NEVER USE. (I have to have my me.com and iCloud.com as I've been with them so long and it has screwed me up since the change years ago). Glad that it will all be taken care of quickly. Very few I know have had problems with Auren
  7. Update. Mark has figured out how to integrate Roon in TMP. I get mine back next Friday adn can't wait. There have been SOOOO many upgrades since I purchased mine. It still crushes every player on the market that I've heard. My buddy, who's a reviewer for TAS and a couple of others, has had all the top servers in and says nothing else is even in the contest and he doesn't have all the upgrades yet, lol. Mine will probably be the only one that has the integrated DAC as they are focusing on TMP and their new line array speaker line.
  8. You can get Roon, but it won't sound as good as JRiver. It's just not that great still. Same with Tidal. It can sound great, but not as good as a well recorded track in high Rez.
  9. I hope that you can. I asked Sam and will reports back as to what he says. I listen to a lot of Tidal too. I could have sworn he told me last year that it can now be set up that way, but don’t take my word on that. Let’s see what he says.
  10. I love Jim's gear. All of it. Heard the Mimas integrated crushes it at 6k or so. Just amazing. I sold my Rhea when I sold my analog rig, but what phono stage. Their top modded gear is so special. I just love these brands because they sound great, even their lower ones without stealth caps. These caps are so special though. Sam Laufer will use whatever you want. It was my idea to use the Stealth's. His digital is unreal. Mark P who started Melos, is the designer.
  11. Dave, there are a lot of directions and maybe all make a positive difference. Mark is so software driven and that's why I think he is way ahead of the power curves out there. A larger company can't always do what Mark is doing for financial reasons. They also may not think it matters (clearly it does as every upgrade he makes is making a positive difference in my digital playback. What I'm most excited about is Mark deciding to make my internal DAC an external, two box unit. I think it's going to become another of his no holds barred products. We have StealthCaps being used
  12. Mark, not sure which one you have compared to mine, but I can tell you that the N10 doesn't come close to the one I'm using.
  13. Possibly a bit off topic, but I have a Mac mini server that was Steve Nugent (Empirical Audio) personal unit. I now am using Laufer Teknik Memory Player as it's world class. My server is really special, but it runs on a large Paul Hynes LPS unit. I odn' have the specifics, but I can get them from Steve. Are these units worth much on the after market?
  14. I recently got the all new Memory Player with DAC. The DAC is in prototype still. they will be taking it out of the player and making a two box unit out of it and upgrading the caps to StealthCaps along with many other upgrades. It sounds awesome right now, so I can't wait for the full blown solution. Right now in my system, to my ears, in my room it sounds as good as the Brinkmann, Berkley Ref adn DCS Rossini I've had in to audition. I sold an Ayre QX5 and will sell my Steve Nugent server/Paul Hynes LPS unit server for this combo. I've had many top servers in to play with. M
  15. Guys, the reality is that implementation of newer and better materials, knowledge of the various type of jitter along with basic trial and error gives us components that are worlds better than what the past gave us. It's not even close if you sit and listen in the same system, same room etc... I have some older digital gear still that was considered high end in the 90's and early 2000's. I have had friends bring their older gear over to hear differences. I just sold my Ayre QX5/20 digital front end/streamer/DAC. I've had many top DAC's from 100k down in the system. I"ve recent
  16. Anything new on the release of either of these devices? Any idea of the ball park costs? Thanks
  17. Thanks for sharing Scott. Totally sucks. RIP to one of the best minds in the history of audio. Sad day for many of us.
  18. Oh, ok, now I understand. Makes sense. I have never heard interference. I have run it in both modes. I'll have to really listen better, lol.
  19. Do you put a dongle on the mojo or something?
  20. First off, I totally agree that bluetooth isn't for those who want the highest fidelity. That's never been a question, but often times I like not having to plug into my Dragonfly Red adn now my Chord Mojo. It can be a pain at times. I don't use BT and probably won't, but it's still an option if any of us want one.
  21. I agree. At least hte AptX isn't as bad as straight 4.2 that Apple uses.
  22. Ok, there are a few companies who produce IEM's that match upgraded cables to their various TOTL IEM's/CIEM's. Dita, Empire Ears, Rhapsody are a few. All make some outstanding IEM's.
  23. anything that will interrupt a signal on a cable like a volume control (digital volume degrades the sound unless it's turned up fully) (Ayre QX5 is the only digital control I know of that doesn't seem to degrade as Charlie has figured out a way to do it properly, but a pre amp still sounds better than running it straight. That's all on other threads) or sending other signals up and down a cable will degrade teh sound. I have been told that by a few manufacturers. Here is a work around for Empire Ears and many other IEM/Headphone makers. It's a top cable (three or four choices)
  24. I have never seen an after market cable that has smartphone control buttons. That would degrade teh sound quality. I don't know of any of the iem makers who sell good ones with that type of cable. I'll ask though. I do know that there are some bluetooth cables (Noble sells one) that you can use. Maybe this are smartphone capable, but the SQ won't be great. As for EE IEM's and cables. I was told earlier today that they come with matched cables and even some of the real expensive after market cables may not sound as good as their stock cables. That said, none of them have mic's
  25. Spin, honestly, that's one of the major problems I have with Noble. My Savant cable is cheaply made and broke right at the 2 pin connector. I have hooked up a couple of other cables and it helped the sound, but still no true bass. One of the things I like about the 64's and Empire Ears is that their cables sound better and are built to last. Little things mean a lot to me when I pay this much for products. I also find the EE's IEM's to have more body and even a bit more space in the soundstage. http://www.empireears.com
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