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This is the method I used to get HYSOLID working with JPlay ASIO.

Not any official recommendation from either HYSOLID or JPlay, just a post to help fellow CA computer audiophiles.

In order to get HYSOLID player working using JPlay as the ASIO, here are the steps.

Run all the following from GUI.

1. Reset Audiophile Optimizer (AO) to enable all services.

2. Uninstall Fidelizer

3. Uninstall JPlay

4. Install HYSOLID

5. Change the two HYSOLID services to run as the logged on user instead of Local System

6. Install JPlay

7. Open the HYSOLID ASIO Panel, highlight JPlay ASIO, then click Start (nothing will be displayed; this will tell the program to use JPlay ASIO)

8. Open the HYSOLID Tool and setup the drive for the music (HYSOLID | Hi-Res PC audio player (free))

9. After a successful installation, launch the app on the iPad, iPhone etc.

10. Select JPlay ASIO

11. Play music to confirm that JPlay ASIO is working

12. Install Fidelizer (if it is used in the configuration)

13. Play music, to confirm that the program is still functional with the JPlay ASIO driver.

14. Run AO either in GUI or switch to core, if that is the preference.

15. Before switching to core Fidelizer needs to be installed and configured, in my experience when you get into core the logon will revert to Local System if Fidelizer was not installed and configured before switching to core mode.

Music Server: Streacom ST-FC5WS-Evo chassis, ASUS H87M-E, modified with PPA Studio MoBo Clock Upgrade, Intel Core I7-4770t, 16 GB G.SKILL F3-10666CL7D, SOtM tX-USBexp, sCLK-EX, Audiophile Optimizer 3.0 (Final), JPlay, Fidelizer 8.x, Windows Server 2019 Core mode

Digital to Analog Converter: Mutec MC-3+ USB, B.M.C. UltraDAC

Amplifier:Sanders Magtech Monoblocks; Loudspeakers: Magneplanar 3.6R, Vandersteen 2Wq Subwoffers

Music player: Roon


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