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  1. Sorry, I should have written EPS Motherboard is the Asus H87M-E
  2. Installed the 20P=>24P ATX power cable today. Definite improvement is the sound quality. Sound is smoother with less edgeiness, and also quieter. Posting a picture of the audio server with the Ghent internal power cables indicated with the red arrows
  3. Once again AudioPhil’s magical Pixie Dust sprinkled on the AudiophileOptimizer 3.0 General Availability will uplift any Windows computer audio to a new high. Phil’s dedication and attention to details has taken the computer audio community through the staged of betas which got better with each release, the final release of AO 3.0 is definitely a several steps above the last beta (38). After listening into the early hours of the morning was so gratifying that you got deeply involved in the music, it was like being there, whether a studio or live performance. This is what I hear in my system with AO 3.0. The enunciation of the vocals sound so clear you hear every word without missing any of the “spoken word”. Imaging/coherence/convergence of the instruments, plus a wider soundstage is jaw dropping. The kick a$$ bass in Dobie Gray’s Drift Away track had me repeating the track, because it was such a pleasure to hear over and over. Patti LaBelle If you Only Knew track with the percussion's and finite details is something to behold. The Brook Benton rendition of Rainy Night in Georgia by Conway Twitty and Sam Moore put the icing on the AO 3.0 cake for me last night. This is truly a magic carpet ride with AO 3.0
  4. Has anyone upgraded their ATX and ESD cables in their music server? I ordered the cables from Ghent Xu who runs ghentaudio.com After replacing the stock ESD cable in my music server the sound quality was moved to a higher level. Smoother and more detailed voices, instruments. He is currently making a custom 24P=>20P ATX cable for me. I will report on what it does for my system after I receive and install it. He is also a super guy to deal with, excellent and quick responses to questions. He definitely does quality work, I am also using his DC33 Oyaide DC 5 volts (Neotech UPOCC 7N Copper 18AWG Hi-End DC(JSSG360)) to power my SSDs from the LPSU. I will also post some pictures after the ATX cable is installed,
  5. Folks, here is my feedback on AO 3.0 beta 29 As an early adopter for Phil's AudiophileOptimizer (been using AO more than 5 years) I always look forward to his new releases. Phil never cease to amaze the computer audiophile community with his AudiophileOptimizer program. It just keeps getting better with every reiteration of AO that he releases. Let's cut to the chase and talk about my evaluation of AO 3.0 beta 29. 1. The installation is much faster than 2.20 2. Sound: -First noticeable improvement is the bass; more slam, rounded, accurate in my system and IMO. -Clarity, the words from the performers are definitely more detailed and defined. -Improved soundstage -Listening to live recorded performances, I hear the interaction of the audience with the performers, that gives the feeling of being there with them. (XRCD version of Eagles live recording of "Hell Freezes Over" is absolutely stunning, you get drawn into the performance as if you were present at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, California on California May 27, 1994. -Diana Krall piano playing on her DSD recording of Girl in the Other Room gave me goosebumps, the guitar string by Anthony Wilson and the drum licks by Jeff Hamilton, will make you ask yourself if this pure organic sound is really a recording, or am I in the studio with them? -AO 3.0 beta29 is without question improved sound quality than 2.20 either on Server 2016 or Server 2019 (I have listened to both platforms) - Some of the other recordings listened to after the upgrade: Ernestine Anderson "Never Make Your Move too Soon" (DSD64) Best Audiophile Voices Volume 1 (XRCD Master) The Fairfield Four "Standing in The Safety Zone" (Red Book) I definitely recommend that the 2.20 community try AO 3.0 beta"x" (I am sure that other updates will be rolling out before the final GA is available)
  6. If in core and no browser installed, you can ping www.yahoo.com, it is one of the few addresses that will reply to ICMP If you get replies it will validate you do indeed have an Internet connection. ping www.yahoo.com Pinging atsv2-fp-shed.wg1.b.yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=60ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=60ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=59ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=106ms TTL=51 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 59ms, Maximum = 106ms, Average = 71ms
  7. Are you looking for a used Pachanko SATA cable? I have new Pachanko Mk2 (30 cm) and Pachanko Reference (30 cm) How many do you need?
  8. Hello wushuliu, I agree with Phil, my experience with the Pachanko SATA cables needs 250 hours of music playing through them before they bloom and starts to excel. Give it some time and I am sure you will love what you are hearing.
  9. The Pachanko SATA cables are very easy to work with, they are flexible and does not put any pressure on the Motherboard or Hard Drive SATA connections. Separate and a[part from that, they are the best upgrade you can do when it comes to SATA cables, it beats all other Audiophile SATA cables IMO.
  10. With the excellent work Phil did to enable the availability of Device Manager in Core I am able to update the Display Adapter to use the correct video drivers and viola!! superb graphics in Core now, no more Microsoft Default. It is indeed a beautiful thing. (Expand Display Adapters | Right click on the adapter | Select Update driver | paste the location of the files for the driver. done deal!!)
  11. Hello dm68, Taking the liberty to answer your question, but AudioPhil may chime-in and correct me if I am wrong, I do believe when you upgrade to AO 2.20 beta 5 after he releases it that "Transport Failed to load media" issue will go away and Roon will load and play your music files without any issues. When you upgrade remember to install WASAPI and during the AO optimization you need to select enable Roon Support. Go to this link for some installation and setup instructions plus additional information on the AO 2.20 beta 5 http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/2321-wasapi-in-core-mode-all-you-need-to-know/
  12. With AO 2.20 beta 5 embedded Roon support, I did not experience the need to install any dependency software like the Media Pack for Windows Server 2012; as was the case with the previous version of AO. Roon installed and worked without any issues. My tests and evaluation were only done on Windows Server 2016 Core.
  13. My testing was exclusively done on Windows Server 2016 core. I will bet the farm that the improvement in sound quality will be better than it was in Server 2012 R2 GUI. Before Server 2016 I used Server 2012 R2, and it was always in core mode. I would not hesitate to upgrade to AO 2.20 beta 5 for GUI or Core
  14. I was very honored and fortunate to be asked by AudioPhil to be a part of the closed group of beta testers for what at the time would be his latest AudiophileOptimizer AO 2.20 beta5, which is now a reality for those who have been waiting and I guess some of whom have been chomping at the bit for this remarkable update for the already universally accepted as the best software for computer audio. There were several iterations of AudiophileOptimizer 2.20 beta5, as the releases evolved and the tests and reporting kept improving by identifying few bugs and suggested tweaks to Phil, the excitement grew for the day when the computer audio enthusiasts will be able to experience what the testers were enjoying with outstanding sound quality and new unheard of features in Microsoft Windows Server core mode. I will end my pre-amble and report on the unbelievable features and greatly improved sound quality. From the early onset, I realized that Phil had placed his magical fingers on the keyboard and coded yet another improvement in SQ. As the previews were sent to the team, there was always an improvement is SQ, more open, better imaging, wider, deeper soundstage, bass improvement over the previous general releases to the AudiophileOptimizer community. When Phil sent a screen capture of the Control Panel in Windows Server 2016 core, that was the icing on the operating system, I had to comment to him, "Phil is this WASAPI in core?", he said yes, and not a word to anyone. I immediately imagined Roon finally on my audio-PC in full core mode. Then he sent another preview with instructions on how to get to Device Manager in Windows 2016 core "devmgmt.msc" when Device Manager opened and I was able to expand all the devices, my immediate reaction was I can finally install troublesome drivers using the driver update in Device Manager, also I can finally see any and all device that may be showing "unknown" etc. and update the drivers. In my estimation having the Control Panel and Device Manager in Windows Server Core, is definitely worth the price of admission to install and use AudiophileOptimizer 2.20 beta5, best of all; the price of admission is "Gratis". How can any serious or non-serious computer audiophile let this new release pass them by. I don't think they can and I don't think they will. All the customary software works flawlessly with this new release: JPlay, Fidelizer, ProcessLasso, HySolid, BugHead, HQPlayer. Folks, download, install and enjoy. You will be glad you did, it will be music to your ears.
  15. HySolid for free or Roon if you want to spend the $119.00 per annum, both are great sounding, but I would give Roon the edge for SQ, more open and spacious to my ears; and definitely for library management, I have not found anything that can match Roon for management to date. HySolid installation guide is posted in this AO forum.
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