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MeQ Even earphones include digital self-administered hearing test


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Automated EQ can be dangerous for anyone who has a hearing deficiency. SEE A DOCTOR before doing anything like this. My hearing isn't perfect, but I prefer sound that is natural. i.e. I want my music to sound the same in headphones as it does live in person, so I don't EQ to correct for my hearing.

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I would suggest at least seeing an audiologist who can give you a printout of your own personal hearing frequency profile based on testing. You could then see an ENT doctor armed with that information.


Your age, gender and lifetime listening experiences(e.g., have you done a lot of listening to loud, amplified loud music, have you had significant and frequent exposure to the sound of heavy machinery, have you lived in quieter "pastoral" settings vs. noisy urban environments, have you been unfortunate enough to sustain hearing damage related to using inexpensive ear buds cranked up loud to meet youthful/misguided listening preferences or to hear your music above the sound of a moving bus or train, etc.) all play into your current hearing ability which, in 2016, is unchanged by any existing medical intervention.


Your sense of hearing, of course, is priceless, however, I doubt that many people would go through the time and expense of having their hearing tested and then seeing an ENT doctor in preparation for purchasing a 99 dollar pair of IEMs.


Seeing an audiologist to be fitted for customized IEMs is a different (and more expensive) matter, however. Personally, I am looking into 1964 Ears ADEL technology for a potential customized IEM purchase(which will do nothing for my age related high frequency hearing losses but should offer some protection against sound pressure related ear hair cell damage).

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