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Blue Coast Music Group


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Check out this sampler in DSD and other titles in high rez formats. Very good selection of Jazz and Acoustic music


Newport Blue Coast Sampler 1 | Blue Coast Records


I was able to see some of their artist in person during THE Newport show....enjoy!

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+1 highly recommended.


Hey "G" the live in the exhibit room is now available. With Meghan and Keith Knight (at your request) performing for the first time. I don't know how you made that happen, but you did! :)


Live at Newport 2016 | Blue Coast Records


If you'd like the album sent free, send a note to [email protected] with code...

FREENEWPORTLIVECA we'll make that code available through the end of August, 2016. We have up to DSD128 available (sorry, no quad for free download).


Meghan and Marco will be at Rocky Mountain with us. :) Maybe Keith K, too.


Thank you for making that song happen!


Cookie Marenco

Blue Coast Records

Cookie Marenco[br]founder and producer[br]Blue Coast Records[br]http://www.bluecoastrecords.com/

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Meghan and Marco will be at Rocky Mountain with us. :) Maybe Keith K, too.



It's a long drive but I will definitely be there to see them :)



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