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  1. I've got it working in my system. To be honest, it took a bit of trial-and-error getting JRiver configured properly but it does work well. If I recall correctly, the first thing to do is to configure the mRendu DLNA in JRiver. Go to JRiver Tools -> Options -> Media Network and enable "Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA". Click on "Add or configure DLNA servers..." and locate the mR. I don't remember if I had to modify any of the settings once the mR was found. Once JRiver sees the mR you play to that zone. Sorry if the above is incomplete - this is all from memory - but it should get you close.
  2. cookieman

    Favorite Radio Station Url

    By far the best streaming jazz station (IMHO) is KPLU Jazz 24. Jazz24 | Listen to Free Jazz Radio Online I keep this station streaming via JRiver Media Center most all day and many evenings. Listening now, in fact! -rich cook-
  3. cookieman

    Blue Coast Music Group

    Listening to the album now. Exquisite! -rich cook-
  4. I've got a rather long story about meeting a dozen or so rock "A Listers" in 1999 that I'll try to relay later but for the moment here's my latest. Backstage with my wife and Ringo Starr last weekend (Worcester, MA).
  5. Not to hijack the thread, but on this subject - does anyone here know if/when Ayre will be updating the QB-9DSD to support higher DSD rates? I've posted the question on other boards but haven't gotten any answers. I think Charlie Hanson frequents this group so maybe the man himself will answer.
  6. cookieman

    Who's Next 24/96 at HDT

    You'd have to check the specs
  7. cookieman

    HDT discount code?

    Valid for 10% off on NEW releases through June 30: HDJUN24
  8. I've got the HDT 24/96 version and it sounds pretty darn good through my Ayre QB-9. Wish I'd known it was also available in DSD before I pulled the trigger...
  9. cookieman

    HDT discount code?

    ...and another discount code arrived today: HDFEB18 Good for 10% off all new releases through 02/24. On a related topic - how come we never get discount codes for the Acoustic Sounds site? When possible I prefer to purchase in DSD, which HDT still does not seem to offer. -rich-
  10. cookieman

    New HDTracks Discount

    Yeah, and I just used it! :^) Anyone else downloaded Emilie-Claire Barlow's Seule ce soir? The samples sounded GREAT so I sprung for that one (and Band of Horses at the Ryman). Still downloading...
  11. Until 02/10/14: 15% off jazz titles with the code ANYJAZZ15
  12. I pulled out my old CD copy of Moondance last night and compared the version of Into the Mystic on it with both the HDTracks and the blu-ray rip. You all are definitely correct; the CD does NOT have the tambourine while both the new remasters do. So as many here surmised, the HDT and blu-ray releases are from the same source. I hesitate to say identical, b/c they DO sound somewhat different. Maybe the conversion from blu-ray to FLAC? (I used DVD Audio Extractor.) I dunno... Regardless, I'm happy with the results.
  13. Last night I did an A-B comparison between the HDT download and the ripped blu-ray, and concur with Richard that on some tracks the HDT version sounds brighter. Regardless, if they ARE the same mastering then someone's got the documentation wrong. The blu ray clearly states that it is the ORIGINAL MOONDANCE and the HDT website says the version there is the REMASTERED version. So who's right? Who's on first? Not really that important to me - I'm just thrilled to have the album in high resolution and will keep both 'versions' since my ears and brain insist they are different. So - has anyone else given a listen to the Sessions (disc 2) tracks? What a great view into the recording process of some of the best popular music of the 20th century!
  14. I'm confused... Earlier on in the thread someone stated that the blu-ray disc contained 48/24 2 channel. So I promptly went to HD Tracks and downloaded the 192/24 (single album) version. This afternoon my Deluxe edition arrived from amazon and guess what? The blu-ray contains the original album in 192/24! A minor mistake that cost me $22+ for not waiting on the postman to deliver the box and check for myself? Not at all - from what I can tell, the HD Tracks download is the REMASTER version, whilst the blu-ray appears to be the original. Can anyone here confirm the above is correct? I'm about to rip the blu-ray and will do a comparison as best I can, but not sure what to look for other than do an A-B listening session.