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Rhapsody Online (on Mac) --> Airfoil --> Apple tv

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I have a Macbook Pro -- on which I have Rhapsody playing using the browser client.


I then have the Airfoil application intercept the audio stream the browser outputs and stream it to my apple tv.


Any thoughts on best practices to get bit perfect audio to the apple tv or should I look into getting a dedicated device to drive my HiFi stack.


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By dedicated device, do you mean a DAC?


if so, yes, it would likely be worth your while to get a Dac that supports TOslink out from the Apple TV and feeds your pre/int amp (or receiver).


What other equipment do you have to connect to? This will give an idea of the quality of DAC to recommend.


Don't spend a LOT of money on a DAC that does NOT support Firewire and/or USB, as you'll limit yourself later if you want to connect directly from your computer to your DAC, and bypass the APple TV.






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My Digital Stack

Macbook Pro running Rhapsody in a browser

Streaming audio using airfoil (http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/mac/)

To an Apple TV


The Apple TV is connected to my Analog Stack using RCAs


My Analog Audio Stack:

--Yamaha M-60 Pre-amp (looking to upgrade to a Tube Pre-amp)

--Aragon 2004 http://www.indyaudiolabs.com/aragon-2004-mkii.aspx

--DCM TF-600 http://tinyurl.com/yaspft8



1. replace the macbook/appletv combo with an man-mini

2. insert a DAC -- something link a Digital Link III


My current digital set up sounds pretty good -- but my Vinyl really sounds great -- it has the semblance of being there -- I want to get the same effect from Rhapsody -- that way I can enjoy Rhapsody's Large collection.





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