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Shunyata Hydra 6 power conditioner + Venom HC power cord & Hydra SSF

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Three items here:


  • Shunyata Hydra 6 power conditioner, silver
  • Shunyata Venom HC (high current) power cord, 20A, 1.75M
  • Shunyata Hydra SSF (stainless steel feet), set of 4

Retails new for $1785 ($1295 Hydra 6 - $295 Venom HC cable - $195 Hydra feet).

Conservatively rated at 8/10 condition.


Priced to sell at $770.

That price include both shipping (in CONUS only) in factory boxes and the PayPal fees.


The noise reduction you'll get from this Shunyata Hydra 6 power conditioner will boost the clarity and depth of all your music. Its passive form of noise reduction and system protection does not color your sound, but just brings it out. And because the three silver-plated duplex outlets are isolated with their own buss structure and filtered, they can be interchangeably utilized for either high-current electronics or noise-sensitive digital equipment -- or both.


The matching HC power cord offers a secure connection that delivers massive current to power conditioners, along with an extremely flexible dark blue outer jacket. And the stainless steel spiked feet and protecting disks -- which replace the standard rubber isolation feet -- provide enhancements in isolation and vibration control.


Hydra 6 Info:

* 6 cryogenically treated Venom silver outlets

* 2400 watts @ 20 amps continuous

* Surge protection (60,000A)

* Individually filtered outlets

* Shunyata Venom noise filters

* Solid silver buss bars

* 20A IEC inlet

* All metal chassis


Some photos here, and questions readily answered.

Thanks for looking,


Dave, who is selling this Shunyata power conditioner and extras only because he bought another power conditioner that cost at least five times as much









Music is love, made audible.


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