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New Member: Want to make radio-style podcast where I can play several audio files in lossless format

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[h=2]I'm a seventeen-year-old musical escapist, audiophile and aspiring music journalist. I've just set up a blog site (after much time being 'put on the back burner'), which I wanted to feature highly-stylised, compiled podcasts...[/h]

Basically, I was wondering what programme do you use to upload compiled audio files/data in their lossless format, without compromising on optimal quality? I want to be able to make a radio-style podcast where I can play several audio files in their lossless format. I want to then upload and share this file on Soundcloud or some other audio sharing website, where each track can be listened to in its original, uncompressed glory.


Secondary to that, I'd like to know of any programme that I can fade music in and out, and speak over tracks, etc... Just like a traditional radio format I guess, without the cost. I have a Any info/advice would be really appreciated!

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There are several videos on youtube explaining how to do this. You will need to use a service like Libsyn or Blubrry. The issue I see is that your listener will need to consume a large amount of data if they use their cell phone to download your podcast. If it were me I would make the podcast in MP3 like all other podcasts but make a flac download available thru your site. Again as stated above, make sure you have the rights to this music. Oh and if you don't subscribe to the podcast called the Audacity to Podcast add it to your rotation, you can learn a ton from that guy.

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