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  1. If you identify the correct release (or enter the track durations manually) it puts track split markers at those timing parts. It only takes a few seconds to adjust them manually if they are off.
  2. I would add that one you get yor ADC sorted out you might want to take a look at Vinyl Studio. It makes recording vinyl, separating tracks, cleaning up pops and clicks, and exporting to flac files organized as albums a five minute job (after playing the LP) with just a few mouse clicks in most cases. While it's recording, you tell it the album name or catalog number and it looks it up in Discogs to get the track info, album art, etc. Huge timesaver. If it isn't found, you can enter the info manually from liner notes, which significantly reduces the time and effort v audacity.
  3. Can audirvana include Tidal/Qobuz tracks along with local library tracks in smart playlists?
  4. Nuc, roon rock and tidal and you are good to go.
  5. This could have all been solved with some simple, inexpensive room treatments.
  6. Isn't jitter a strictly digital phenomenon? So, I guess I don't get the question?
  7. Minor complaint. I recently sent a message to Qobuz support via their official web form regarding a couple of missing artists in their catalog. I selected the "catalog" topic from the web form category. I got an apparently generic reply that they were expanding their catalog, there could still be "regrettable gaps" but it would only be temporary. They referred me to another link to another web form to submit my request for inclusion in their catalog. It asked for the same info I had already included on the first web form, plus links to the titles on other streaming ser
  8. https://www.dealerscope.com/article/goldenear-technology-acquired-by-the-quest-group/
  9. Back in the late '70s I was working in a mainframe shop. We were replacing punched cards with floppy discs. One night after taking a, uh, "smoke" break, I thought, hmm, these floppy discs work like LPs but have a magnetic surface like tape. Maybe they could figure out a way to record music on them. Then, after some more thinking, I thought hey, we store a lot of information compressed into ones and zeros on all these discs. Can music be somehow converted to ones and zeros and stored on discs? I guess I lost track of the idea after a few more "smoke" breaks.
  10. I have gone back and forth for a year or so. I have settled on Qobuz (for now, anyway). Qobuz is adding to their catalog at a furious pace, and seems to have mostly caught up. Most (all?) new releases from "major" artists appear on both at roughly the same time.
  11. QSound for the win! 30 years ago!
  12. Any update on the artist/genre radio/station auto-playlist feature? This is my #1 requested feature for the new year!
  13. Agree about RAAT. Otherwise (with apologies to Churchill), roon is the worst music playback software except for all the rest. Haha, just kidding. But that's sort of where I'm at. To me, 1.7 and Valencia or whatever branding seemed like a rush job to reassure all the folks on their forum wondering if/when there will ever be a new release or if roon is even still in business. Their notion of crowdsourcing personalized recommendations based on AI applied to their users' likes and dislikes sounds great on paper, but it only goes so far with 100,000
  14. Roon or Jriver. Both deliver good sound quality. Roon has a far better remote (on tablets, not phones) for headless operation. Roon tagging is automated, but does not save to your individual files, only its database. JRiver has some automated tagging and it updates your files so the tagging is portable. It also has flexible manual tagging features. JRiver also has cd ripping, and mobile sync/transcoding, and some sort of remote access/playback which Roon doesn't have but they say they are working on it. Roon cd ripping is very basic and is only available on their Linux
  15. Thanks. I think that person must be confused about Amazon app v some other app.
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