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  1. At this point, doesn't look like it's happening.
  2. Yes, absurd. Disclaimer: I'm the one that got banned for "trying to damage the forum." Sad that the COO has time to spend on the social media potential for their "community" instead of fixing bugs.
  3. Latest roon forum drama: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/censorship-about-off-topic-things/173158
  4. The amp he mentions has optical and coax digital inputs and built-in AKM DAC.
  5. I got the email. So, they are selling a $300 to $500 NUC in a nice case for $1500 to $2500. And now they are throwing in a $43 hard drive for free. What a deal!
  6. Yes, on record on their chat forum from their exuberant COO. Color me skeptical.
  7. According to roon, they have more employees than qobuz (judging from qobuz's lamentations), probably more revenue (hard to say because neither is public), and definitely 100x more software development expertise. I can't figure out what streaming company would want or need roon? At this point, with all the disruptions to their respective value propositions, roon needs qobuz and qobuz probably needs roon even more. A merger would make sense for both of them. I fear it would be a last ditch effort, though. (Unless JRiver and JimH buy both of them!)
  8. Actually, JRiver does a decent job. But, no streaming integration, antiquated UI, and stubborn, abrasive ownership.
  9. I submitted a bug report for something clearly broken in a new release and they moved it to a feature request. I complained, and they replicated it, and it eventually got fixed after a bunch of other people complained. It wasn't clear how this got past alpha and beta testing. It's like they automatically assume every problem is user error. And support doesn't always seem to know how the software works. They give a lot irrelevant canned answers and some just plain wrong answers that get corrected by users. I know they are relatively small and trying to do cool things in a niche market. And they have accomplished some cool stuff. Sure is a strange way to run a software company, though.
  10. Just now... So apparently I'm not allowed to joke about Tidal and their so-called high res offering (mqa) which isn't. Ok, then. Been on the fence about renewing my roon subscription. This helps me decide. Here's the context... https://community.roonlabs.com/t/innuos-2-0-roon-killer/148893/75
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