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  1. For the ripping, I use an OWC Mercury Pro 16X outboard drive connected to my PC via a USB cable from Curious Cables. The drive sits on three Vibrapods with a Shakti Stone on top. Additionally, all discs are blackened around the outside edges and then placed on a Furutech RD-2 demagnetizer. Ripping is done with dBPoweramp CD Ripper software. Okay, commence the slings and arrows... but yeah, this is what I do. Plus, I sleep better at night thinking that it matters and for me at least, I hear a difference. Later... So yeah, I get it.... a switch cannot, should not make a difference in the sound. In the music. Either it works or it does not. Either the bytes get from A to B or they don't. But that is network thinking, that is IT thinking... it is digital transmission thinking. Not music thinking. Not audio thinking. More here than just moving this signal from A to B and so we not fielding comments that dispute us for hearing what we hear. Can't tell if serious. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0919/SOtM_sNH_10G_Switch_Review.htm
  2. Everything must be on the same ip netword/subnet. Also UDP must be enabled in all firewall/router settings.
  3. Brings back foggy memories of the 70s when every hi-fi shop I went to seemed to only have this album for demos. Bought a Yamaha reciever, a Technics turntable, and some Kilpsch speakers at different times listening to that.
  4. Not many do. You can look for reviews with test measurements. Or I guess you could ask the manufacturer.
  5. Speakers with wide dispersion/off axis response.
  6. I don't think you need a DAC with either. The built-in DACs are likely as good as the Topping. The Klipsch speakers have an advantage with USB input. Looks like the HD6 only has optical. How do you connect now?
  7. Take a look at Denon S series. The DACs and amps in most entry level AVRs are pretty good these days. They also have streaming built in. There's a leaning curve to getting them setup, and it requires hooking up to a TV to work thru the setup menus. If you are only going to stream using a phone or tablet, maybe consider an integrated 2 channel amp and a Chromecast Audio. It's been discontinued but there are still plenty around.
  8. Mqa is to do with the ability for men and women with mental health struggles to have a productive and healthy relationship. Men and women that need therapy and help.While I certainly disagree with MQA, but if our nation wants to stop suicide, we will need to be able to speak to those who are at risk in public schools, public places or even our city hall.
  9. Thought this was going to be about Roon, based on the title.
  10. This has apparently been discussed in the mqa megathread, but... https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2019/04/10/7digital-death-watch/ https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2019/06/27/7digital-bankrupt/ A shame, it's my favorite place to purchase 44/16 downloads. Noticed the other day they were missing a couple of big new releases that were available elsewhere. Wonder if it's related.
  11. The expertise of the band, producers and engineers that recorded and mastered the album. Do y'all listen to components or music?
  12. http://bobtalks.co.uk/blog/insight-series/insight-looking-deeper-into-mqa/ "Our perspective on high-resolution is no longer a matter for opinion or debate." (Sorry if already posted. Merge or delete or whatever.)
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