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  1. Anyone? Someone on the roon forum said Qobuz told them Qobuz does not have volume leveling info and had no plans to provide it. Is that the official Qobuz response?
  2. I mainly use Tidal or Qobuz for Roon Radio. The lack of volume leveling info in Qobuz could be a deal breaker for me, despite the new lower price. Is Qobuz working on this?
  3. I read somewhere that they use .net and some cross-platform runtime called mono and that they were several releases behind on mono. They also apparantly have a lot of homegrown libraries, too. Probably a nightmare to maintain.
  4. In case anyone cares about the above remark, I pointed out over a dozen examples of Jriver UI weirdness, plus the overall 1990s Windows 95 look. "JimH" kept asking for specific changes. Hey, I don't get paid to design their software. I pay to use it. Apparently they are all out of ideas. Anyway, he banned me, sent a rude email, and lost a customer for life. It's a shame, because they have some amazing programmers and their software is otherwise pretty great. Too bad about their management and his customer relations approach. And now he's stalking me, apparently. News flash: I've moved on.
  5. Good grief. Get a fast usb thunderbolt lightningrod whatever 1tb drive and a second one for backup all in for $200 and call it a day.
  6. P.S. Qobuz already does this, but their catalog isn't quite as extensive. It's getting better, though.
  7. I WISH they'd offer hd purchases. It would be amazing if they offered their entire hd catalog for purchase. I'd probably buy a lot!
  8. When you play using Amazon app you get hd. If you download for offline drm'd play, you get hd if that's what you have in settings. You are still renting the download for as long as you have a subscription. If you purchase and download, you "own" it (sort of) even after subscription stops. These purchased downloads, however, are mp3 from Amazon's mp3 store. They are not hd. Amazon doesn't really disclose this. That is the source of confusion.
  9. What's the point? (Tidal on Roku, not marriage.)
  10. Amazon's HD has had an interesting effect on me. It is making me consider going back to Tidal. Or maybe Qobuz. I have used Spotify, Deezer (briefly), Tidal, Qobuz and now Amazon HD. Spotify has a great catalog, pretty good apps, and with Spotify Connect sounds pretty decent on my setup. I wanted to try CD quality streaming so tried Tidal. There are lots of ways to get bit-perfect playback on my setup. It sounds great and their catalog is pretty extensive. Works with roon. Then they came along with MQA. I am morally opposed to MQA for reasons that have already been exhaustively litigated here and elsewhere. A couple of Tidal 'masters' actually sounded worse than my ripped CDs to me, but who knows the provenance. So I tried Deezer. They don't seem very serious and don't seem to be very good programmers. Then Qobuz came to the US. Works with roon, sounds great, can limit to 16/44.1 which is all I want. Their store is excellent. Their catalog, though. Sad. So back to Tidal for a while. But realizing I wasn't using it that much I started having trouble justifying $20 per month. Plus they seemed to be providing only MQA for some new releases. So I turned it off again. I went on a Discogs used CD buying spree to backfill my library with stuff I had been listening to on Tidal and other streaming services. Then Amazon. I figured what the hell, let's try the 90 day trial. Catalog is amazing. Desktop app is serviceable, Android app is OK, but can't cast to anything with quality playback. Nothing is bit-perfect. Doesn't work with roon and likely never will. Curated playlists are pretty good. Genre and artist-based "radio stations" are pretty good, too, I guess because of their deep catalog. Nice for background music. It's better than roon radio and actually works most of the time, too, unlike roon radio. But now they're pushing Atmos (WTF? almost as stupid as MQA) over soundbars and Echo speakers. So it turns out they don't seem very serious about high-quality "audiophile" music playback. Just another check box. But, the price is nice. I'm an old geezer who values having my own library of ripped CDs/LPs and FLAC downloads that I can play anywhere anytime on anything with any software. The idea of renting music was foreign to me. I'm catching on, but mostly I use it to listen to new releases to see if it's something I want to buy, or doing stream of consciousness free association among connected bands and players and artists and genres. And for the occasional "hey remember so-and-so? that was a great singer/band/song/album etc." and being able to pull it up out of the ether and play it. (Most of the "recommended for you" selections from all these services are of little or no interest to me, or I'm already familiar with them or have them in my library.) But for reasons stated above, it's hard to justify $20 a month for discovery and the occasional deep dive. I thought maybe Amazon's $13/month might be worth it. Not really. Especially since it isn't "audiophile" grade. Might as well use Spotify for $10/mo. Now I'm thinking... heck, for only $7 more per month I can get bit-perfect CD quality playback, on a wide range of devices, of nearly everything ever recorded with Tidal, or a lot of it with Qobuz minus the MQA snake oil. So in effect, Amazon has made me reconsider the value of high quality streaming from a massive catalog, and set the market value at "only $7 more" for proper streaming and playback. And roon integration is a big plus. Likely an unintended consequence that Amazon wasn't aiming for.
  11. Oh, well. Amazon is clearly not going for the audiophile market. Too old, too small I guess. That leaves Qobuz and their limited catalog and Tidal with heir MQA fetish. Oh, well. (If Tidal would dump MQA or at least provide a filter or better yet hifi only tier I'd reactivate my subscription in a heartbeat.)
  12. The deal is if you have (or ever had) an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, the HD addon is free for 90 days. You still pay for the Unlimited subscription.
  13. The FireTV is plugged into HDMI on an AVR that supports pretty much all sampling rates up to 24/192 and usually reports them correctly. So I'm thinking it's the FireTV that is resampling. Not a big deal, was just testing and won't be using it for playback as the Windows app on a PC works/sounds better.
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