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After a spectacularly unsuccessful attempt at PC 'computer audio' , I now feel strong enough to have another go, there is a device I want to try, which requires the use of FOOBAR, I have an old XP Vaio, I have downloaded the latest incarnation of FOO BAR so what I need to tick, check , adjust disable to get the best possible sound?

Does Foobar 'kernel stream do I still need ASIO any help advice gratefully received.



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Keith, I expect the regulars on this site with far more nouse than I will reply, but if it is of any assistance I found some excellent basic guidance on the Ayre site linked to their QB-9 dac page - this link will take you there http://www.ayre.com/usb-foobar_setup_xp.htm.


That said, I bombed on seeking to get my XP laptop to sound as good as my MacBook - my technical inadequacies I fear.


Happy tweaking.




MacMini, Mytek Manhattan I DAC, Avantone The Abbey Monitors, Roon


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