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JRiver on MAC saving new view!!!


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Media Center 20 on Mac Mini,


i created a new view in Audio... called DISCO (in it when tree open, i see all my artists) perfect!

On the right panel, i see DISCO on the tab and i set up the view there to see all my album by date....

i adjust all the columns perfectly... changed the font... everything is perfect!


i've tried to save it in "save view" save also in Media Center Main View Menu.

Quit to see if it hangs....


No Disco view on the left when reopen ARF!!!!


Any hints, please? been trying 20 timesto set this up.



If You Got Ears, You Gotta ListenCaptain Beefheart


MacMini 2018, 4xi3 3.6GHz, SSD, 20Gb, macOS Monterey > Audirvana >

Wyred DAC2 DSD Special Edition > Proceed AMP2 > Focal Cobalt 826 Signature Series >

Audirvana Remote > iPhone 11

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