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Synology Web Assistant Problem - Wierd

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Running Win Vista 64.


I started with a 1513+, which I accessed via the Synology Web Assistant.

I then added a 1515+, and was able to access both via their dedicated Web Assistant shortcuts on my desktop, with absolutely no problems.


I removed the 1513+ and sent it to a friend.


Now my Synology Web Assistant shortcut cannot find my NAS, and I get a No DiskStation found within LAN message.


The browser address bar reads find.synology, com/#


The NAS is visible and accessible in Windows Explorer.

Please see screenshot.



When I right click on Iras_NAS (DS1515+), located in the right side pane, I have the option to View The Device Webpage.

A click directly brings me to the NAS portal, which is the page that was visible after the log in page accessed via Synology Web Assistant.


Is it normal to access the DSM via Win Explorer ?

Any ideas why the Web Assistant stopped working ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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I assign static ip addresses to mine then access directly by the IP address in a browser. Never a problem.


if you're not using static ip addresses, would do that first.

main rig:  simaudio moon mind 2 > chord dave > parasound jc-5 > kef reference 1
second rig:  simaudio moon mind 2 > chord qutest > luxman sq-n150 > klipsch heresy 1
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