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Software that increases dynamics


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I was wondering if anyone knows of any software that can increase the dynamics of music? This would be the opposite of dynamic compression software that radio stations use.


Also, I have heard of people claiming that you can add second order harmonic distortion to music via software. Anyone knows if this is possible?


(Yes, I know this is not high fidelity but I like to tweak)

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Many, many choice.


Just try "expander plugin" in google.


You'll have lots of stuff, audio units (for Mac) or VST (for Win) that you'll have to use inside your audio player (like Audirvana+ or Puremusic in Mac OS) or JRiver (Win).


Some interesting stuff to read before trying : http://recordmixandmaster.com/2010-06-what-is-an-expander


...and about harmonics, just search for an exciter plugin.


You can do anything with a good mastering tool (but don't add too much effects, as it will be worse than nothing).

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