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I just want to compliment HDTRACKS regarding their top class customer service. I remember last time I had a problem with their Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto by Julia Fischer and there was one track that did not finish completely at the end. I emailed them and they responded within minutes by letting me download again which failed again. They ended up letting me choose another album.


Fast forward to today when I found I lost a whole bunch of tracks off a crashed NAS drive. I emailed HDTRACKS to ask for re-download and once again they responded positively and politely right away to let me re-download. However, their record did not contain the one album which I downloaded after the failed disc, I emailed them again and within 5 minutes they resolved it by creating a new order to let me download the other album.


I have over the years made thousands of dollars of online purchases over the year, nowhere have I experienced this level of customer service and flexibility from a merchant. The other merchants are not even close to this level of support. And it does not matter it it is a giant like Amazon or a one man show. These guys treasure and respect their customers.


WE computer audiophiles are lucky that HDTRACKS are also the site that contains the most uncompressed and hires content on the planet.


Sometimes things do work out as they should. I wish them all the success.




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Please look at the URGENT! CREDIT CARD FRAUD thread. The HDTRACKS.COM site is stealing credit card info from it's users. HDTRACKS has not responded to repeated requests to deal with the situation. That means they either don't care or are part of the fraud -- either way that's not my definition of "A Class Act."



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HDtracks isn't "stealing" anything. Any computer system can be breeched. It takes a long time and a lot of money to hire someone to trace these things. Once it's been hacked and the evil doers have your information, it's nothing that HDtracks can do. It's like closing the barn door after the horse got out.






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The problem is they were alerted to the problem with the site days ago and are not doing anything about it. As recently as a few hours ago another persons credit card info was "compromised." At a very minimum, HDTRACKS needs to take down the credit card processing part of their site and take responsibility for the problem.



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