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"DSP Studio is only available for local zones"


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I am new with JRiver on a test-drive.

I have my music stored on an NAS (the DNLA-Service is activated).

I play my music with my DENON AVR X-4100 using DNLA.

Now it comes to JRiver installed on a Win7 Notebook connected to the tcp/ip home-network. i may control the DENON, that's nice, JRiver knows the NAS as a DNLA-Server and acts as a DNLA-Controler, the DENON is the DNLA-Renderer. -> No DSP available.


Is this terminology correct?


I changed the configuration and stopped the DNLA-Service on the NAS and enabled the access of the files. I told JRiver that the Music lies on \\NAS\music and it imported all to the local library. JRiver is now the DNLA-Server. JRiver controls the DENON to play what i choose. But: if a want to activate DSP : "DSP Studio is only available for local zones"


I want to do a little EQ corrections with the Equalizer but in my configuration i do not see a chance to get it up an running.


Please help for clarification, thanks

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Their wiki is often out of date.

If you are performing DSP, it must be converted to WAV.



So, i tested with the "Rock" preset again and again, finaly with weird configurations on the equalizer: No effect.

There must be one more thing, but i can't find it.


Posibly if i play the music on the laptop - but this is a no go for me. i play the music with my DLNA-Renderer DENON and it's easy to change the DLNA Server to check the effect.

On the Denon-Receiver i choose the Notebook running JRiver with the configuration as a DLNA-Server (and DSP) or

i choose the NAS with it's DLNA-service running the DLNA-Server with no DSP.


I stuck, please help.

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