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  1. I fear that Airpressure, Humidity and Temperature have more sideeffects than the infrasound... By the way an interesting experiment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrasound
  2. Hi you are looking for some energy created after 2000? Open your eyes / ears there is much energy, but be aware that there is a different background of the energy. No 1968'er (Flower-)POWER anymore it is totally new and fresh and you cannot easy understand this new energy: You have to move yourself into this century or even into this dekade... Althought alreadyfounded in 1994 try: [h=1]Muse - Live # 2016 Glastonbury Festival [/h] or althought alreadyfounded in 1995 try:[h=1]Biffy Clyro - Full Concert Reading 2016[/h]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUcp6xbjZOE This one is founded in 2011 and wikipedia writes as genres Bluesrock, Hardrock, take a look at: [h=1]BLUES PILLS Live GURTENFESTIVAL 2015[/h]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CudG8qAfiQg
  3. I see that different roomshapes are very complex for this kind of software. What about combining 2 or 3 calculations to consider all dimensions?
  4. Hello I've read a lot about this very interesting theme "RoomModes". One helpful instrument is a calculator like http://www.bobgolds.com/Mode/RoomModes.htm My room has not a rectangular shape the ground plan is more like a L. So what dimesions are essential? Calculators ask only for room length and width? Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. Great but old school. Dieter Meier makes wine and Gin for now and also a solo CD...
  6. A very interessting thread with a touch of esoteric. Just the right mix for big discussions. My humble opinion is this: https://www.getzner.com/en/products/sylomer I used sylomer pads under the speakers and am happy with them. Have also a look at: https://www.getzner.com/en/applications/industry/audio-technology To test the effect i got a seismometer-app on iPhone and compare before and after on the floor directly next to the speakerstand.
  7. @michaelD: This Black Box, what kind of thing-magic is it? Did you dismantle it and can tell us what is inside? What kind of physics is behind this box: helmholz-resonator or the like? A very astonishing product.
  8. Hello A very, very interesting thread. Thanks all for these valuable inputs (and links) when it comes to room treating. I am fighting with a slightly other case: my appartment is on 3. floor. The problem is that the neighbour on 2. floor hears nothing from my music exept the bass like boom boom (depending on kind of music). First of all I want to understand the matter. The appartments are very well isolated and have all the same shape. To make it simple: there are two identical boxes attached upon each other. Both will have the same resonances e.g. roommodes. I think treating the roommodes in one box cannot prevent the other box to get in resonance. -> i have to change the frequency of resonance in one box. What do you think of this approach? All thougts apreciated.
  9. ...and you are shure this might not happen with FLAC or ALAC? I am not aware if i recognized such an event ever, theoretically possible and interesting issue...
  10. Very very loud playback may make these high frequencies audible: That's what you point out, isn't it? This lossy files (with masked parts of the sound) are good in cars or as background sound at a homeparty or in mobile playback with earphones in noisy envirnoment like subways or downtown cities... It's all a matter of how loud we play our music. I think that's all the magic.
  11. Nice thread Clear point of discussion but unformtunately no comment about how the files sound. Just that i understand the plots: Green indicates a recording level between -60 and -70 dB, right? So from about 16KHz up to the top of about 22KHz i see a colour indicating a level from -70 dB towards -100dB. How can i hear fequencies above 16KHz if i listen to this track with a peak-level e.g. 80 - 90 dB (not damaging my hearingsense and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReplayGain)? These frequencies would have a level of 10 - 20 dB. Concerning that a ground level of 20-30 dB in a listening room is normal to good and the loudness-contour (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness) and the age of the listener. Is there more than subtracting some dB-Levels? PS: The horizontal Line is clear below 16KHz, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_frequency explains: [TABLE=class: wikitable] [TR] [TD]16744 Hz[/TD] [TD]Approximately the tone that a typical CRT television emits while running.[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. I want to share two more essentials: Tool System Of A Down Both i know their discography since several years as mp3's - i loved the power in these sounds. Now i have got the official CD's and must say: forget that mp3! Now the power is no longer an imagination in my head - the power comes out of my headphones and really surprising out of my speakers. What a joy!
  13. I see in it the inestimable advantage that it is music of an active artist who creates new things and not only manages his work to date. That is what one brings forward!
  14. I Love Porcupine Tree (and Steven Wilsons Solo's). I know Flower Kings and Spock's Beard and Riverside. Thanks for the other tipps.
  15. Hi all i have to come back to Van der Graaf Generator. I got the Remastered CD's now and these are sounding much more better than my old Vinyl... i tortured them so many years. I have to say, that they all are excellent and in my favourite taste: Heavy bass - think about Hugh Banton's organ: tremendous! I am not sure if i am capable to hear more if it where more hirez than redbook, because the power in this music must be something else. Isn't it?
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