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Janet Feder Multichannel & Stereo DSD Downloads at Acoustic Sounds

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Acoustic Sounds has expanded their selection of Multichannel DSD Downloads a bit this weekend.


In addition to the 7 Multichannel DSD Downloads from last year's Live Blues Concerts, they now have two Multichannel DSD Downloads by guitarist Janet Feder (This Close and Songs with Words).


Both are package deals - you can order the Stereo DSD Download for $24.98 - or get the Multichannel & Stereo DSD Download tracks together for $29.98. Very similar to the "COMBI" package deal option at Native DSD.Com where you can buy both sets of tracks together for an added $5.


This Close - Janet Feder - Cover.jpg


This Close - Janet Feder (Janet Feder Music, Multichannel + Stereo DSD Download XJFR1011MC64)

Janet Feder-T H I S C L O S E-DSD Multichannel 28MHz64fs Download|Acoustic Sounds

Janet Feder-Songs With Words-DSD Multichannel 28MHz64fs Download|Acoustic Sounds

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