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BubbleUPnP Still Shows Deleted Files


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I have BubbleUPnP 2.4, free version, installed on my tablet, MinimWatch and MinimServer on my PC, using a Synology NAS.


When running BubleUPnp, many entries have a question mark in a diamond next to the name.

I assume that this shows some sort of an error in the file, possibly tagging.


When I delete the offending file from the server, the file w/ question mark remains, even though the file is no longer on the NAS.

A re-scan / refresh of MinimWatch does not help.


Is there any way to force BubbleUPnP to re-scan the library so that it will not show the deleted files ?


Thank you

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Thanks for this thread. I just helped an audio buddy get Minimserver set up, scrubbed, etc (and I know a decent amount of what I am doing). And yes, we cannot get Android's BubbleUPnP to relinquish its "bad folder" syndrome , which is keeping what it sees as badly tagged (diamond and question mark) files, even when those files are fixed (which moves them to their normal folder) or even removed/deleted. The further frustration is that the "bad tags" are typically not that bad...they may have one foreign character in them or have a data block hiccup that 99% of the players out there don't care about and read perfectly.


Minimserver is very anal about tags (check your Minimserver log and see all the warnings about dates and other tag fields....warnings are soft and do not keep files from being loaded, but often cause BubbleUPnP to do its diamond/question mark thing). Yet, even after scrubbing the log to death (example, reconverting JRIver V19 flac bugs to newer flac codec) , the BubbleUPnP diamonds continue.

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Thanks Ted.


Many times the offending files orphaned, located under no Album.


Is the "problem" in Mininserver and not BubbleUPnP ?


Is it correct that if I ran all my files through dbpoweramp, all the files would be correctly tagged to the point where BubbleUPnP and Minimserver would be happy ?


If I then uninstalled and reinstalled BubbleUPnP and Minimserver, would all be well ?

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