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Some advise on this unconventional speaker setup

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Hi all,


I am about the invest some money into a new audio setup for my recently bought house.

After listening to several brands and components I how decided to go for the Dali Rubicon series which will be feeded by Marantz PM8005 and NA6005. Not purchased yet.


For this I would like to have some thoughts from you guys as the possible speaker setup is somewhat unconventional or even problematic.


The old owner has installed the necessary speaker wires through the walls in our new 45 m2 living room.

When standing exactly in the middle of this room one cable is in the front wall on the right side where the other cable is on the back wall on the left side. I can imagine this is not very good for overall sound quality or stereo. It would be better of both the cables would be installed in the same wall (left and right) which isn't the case. The distance between the loudspeakers in the opposite walls would be a 6 to 7 meters (20 foot).


For the on wall loudspeakers I was thinking to purchase the Dali Rubicon LCR. They are a good fit but I have my doubts on the current setup and if they can fill the size of the room.

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I wouldn't be constrained by the current setup. It was clearly put in place by someone for whom good stereo sound was not a priority. Either re-run the speaker cables, DIY or an installer if you can swing it, or use visible cables and hide them as best you can.

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Thanks for your support and advise.


One second question: The room is one big rectangular room of 6 by 7,5 meters.

As the listening positions will vary, due to placement of dining table and tv setup I am in favor of placing the loudspeakers in such a way that the dining room is in a perfect center of it. Or would it be better to simply place one speaker in the left corner and one in the right?

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