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  1. Does your receiver have pre-outs? The best thing you could do that will actually use your gear the way it's designed is to connect the TEAC DAC into an analog input of the receiver and go pre-out into your amp. Use the receiver to switch between the DAC and the Blu-Ray player. Now your amp is running your fronts and everything is working together happily.
  2. I think I heard one track, very old school sounding, which is nice. Enough with leading off with power ballads.
  3. Go to manage your account, it should be listed as an option along with student discount. You have to upload your DD214.
  4. Many thanks to boatheelmusic for posting this in the Yggy discussion. Glad I ran across it. I've uploaded appropriate documentation and am now saving eight bucks a month!
  5. Man, thanks for that info! How do you prove status? I'm a vet. Do they want a copy of my DD214?
  6. Apple TV version 3 has Toslink optical out, but does upsample to 48 kHz. Not sure if you'd consider that an issue or not. The version 4 is more expensive and does away with Toslink optical. We use the Apple TV 3's HDMI to connect to an AVR in the upstairs (more casual) system to run Roon and we are very happy with it. You'd need a DAC with Toslink optical in, but I think that's still very common.
  7. Agreed. Listened earlier on the upstairs system with the wife. Very nice. Trying to decide on tonight's album now.
  8. When I saw that Wilhelm had brought this post back to the top, I was all like "Please be Marantz, please be Marantz, please be Marantz..." Yay! It is Marantz!
  9. My stepdaughter used to call her "the lady with the pretty voice" when she was little.
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