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Screen Saver won't turn off.

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I hope this is something simple that I'm overlooking but it's driving me crazy and I can't fix it. I am running a headless Mac 2011 Mini and suddenly I can't get my screen saver to stay off. When I initially set up the machine, I went into system preferences and set screen saver for "never." That worked for quite awhile. But not all of a sudden, when I get on the mini via screen sharing, it comes on with the screen saver functioning. I haven't changed the "never" setting the mini suddenly appears to have a mind of it's own (Open the pod HAL. I'm sorry I can't do that Dave.) Sometime it comes up with screen of the albums from the A+ library which flip over randomly to a new album. This is actually pretty cool though I don't know how it happened.


FWIW I also use and HDMI detective dongle. Don't know if that could be related in any way. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

2012 MacMini 8G ram -> Audirvana + 3.0 -> Mcintosh MHA 100> Nordost > Audeze LCD X

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