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  1. From out out of the blue several tracks on multiple albums will not play. I click on them and after a delay the next track starts. All of the albums had been working fine till just recently, that is the tracks were playable. I went to the Qobuz site on my iPad app and found that there was a blue box with SAMPLE in white letters on the right side of the screen opposite the name of the the track. Next I went to the Qobuz site on my computer and found that the tracks which would not play were grayed out. I haven't done anything on the Qobuz website. All I have done is listen normally using the
  2. And suddenly it works again... 😜 Did nothing so decided to fix itself. Ain't technology wonderful.
  3. I am unable to connect to Qobuz on Audirvana. I tried listening earlier today and had some problems with Qobuz. I could select an album but it didn't load. I rebooted the computer and got an error message that indicated the Audirvana couldn't connect on to Qobuz. OK let's do it manually. I go to the Audirvana screen to enter my email and password and click on "connect" but nothing happens. It's like it's locked up. When I click "cancel" that works fine. I've tried quitting Audirvana and restarting it, but it doesn't connect automatically to Qobuz and I can't do it manually. Any help would be g
  4. Being able to sort Favorites by Genre and Composer would be wonderful.
  5. Thanks PAR. I use my iPad as a remote. There is no "delete" option that I can find when you use this. Didn't think about other options. When I used my computer to access my mac mini I could see the option. Strange that there is a remove option for favorites but not one for remove from playlist when you use the ipad.
  6. It would also be useful if we could delete an album from a playlist.
  7. I would be happy if Qobuz would order composers in a playlist by their last name rather than their first. This is easy to deal with but it's an extra step and puzzling as to why it wasn't noticed and dealt with.
  8. bobfa, I rebooted the iPad and got the options for Qobuz and Local on the search screen. For whatever reasons, they were not showing up before. Thanks for the screenshot. That helped a lot!
  9. I just signed up for Qobuz streaming (Studio Premier) and I am impressed with the service. My download days may be numbered. However, I have had one problem that I cannot resolve. I am using a Mac Mini with A+ and using the A+ Remote on my IPad as a controller. When I try to search on the A+ Remote app I get results for my local files but nothing for Qobuz. The search function works just fine when I try with the A+ program on my Mac Mini and I can locate Qobuz content with no problem. Tracks play fine using the A+ Remote and controls (pause, stop etc) also function fine. I keep thi
  10. Thanks. I'll check it out. Did you find eq made significant improvement Since?
  11. I recently shifted over to headphones entirely for various reasons. I wondered if it was possible to use some form of EQ or DSP (I'm not sure which apply here) with headphones. I found one very very detailed and technical example of EQ on Head Fi, but it frankly was beyond me. Is anyone aware of any guides/explanations on how to use EQ/DSP? I'd like to use it with Audirvana + as a plug in if possible. Additionally, anybody have any experience with EQ or DSP with headphones?
  12. Went to preference and switched SMB to AFP. That worked. Thanks for the info.
  13. I am having consistent problems with file transfer failures after installing the new Sierra OS. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problems or if something else is causing the problem. Here's what happens: I download files I purchased on a 2012 Mac Air. The great majority come from eClassical or HDLL. I convert them to AIFF format using Max on the Mac Air. I then transfer them to my 2012 Mac Mini using screen sharing. I drag a file from the Mac Air desktop to the Mac Mini desk top. This has worked flawlessly till now, but with my last album I could not get any of the files to
  14. LBob

    Sierra OS

    Just installed the new Sierra OS on my 2012 Mac Mini. Works fine with A+ with one exception: You must disable A+ "Direct Mode." Other than that no problems.
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