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  1. Thanks. I'll check it out. Did you find eq made significant improvement Since?
  2. I recently shifted over to headphones entirely for various reasons. I wondered if it was possible to use some form of EQ or DSP (I'm not sure which apply here) with headphones. I found one very very detailed and technical example of EQ on Head Fi, but it frankly was beyond me. Is anyone aware of any guides/explanations on how to use EQ/DSP? I'd like to use it with Audirvana + as a plug in if possible. Additionally, anybody have any experience with EQ or DSP with headphones?
  3. Went to preference and switched SMB to AFP. That worked. Thanks for the info.
  4. I am having consistent problems with file transfer failures after installing the new Sierra OS. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problems or if something else is causing the problem. Here's what happens: I download files I purchased on a 2012 Mac Air. The great majority come from eClassical or HDLL. I convert them to AIFF format using Max on the Mac Air. I then transfer them to my 2012 Mac Mini using screen sharing. I drag a file from the Mac Air desktop to the Mac Mini desk top. This has worked flawlessly till now, but with my last album I could not get any of the files to transfer. The transfer appears to be going normally but when the transfer appears to be complete the file transfer failure appears. There's no problem with the actual files, as I can put them on a memory stick and transfer them to my Mac Mini and they play just fine. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. LBob

    Sierra OS

    Just installed the new Sierra OS on my 2012 Mac Mini. Works fine with A+ with one exception: You must disable A+ "Direct Mode." Other than that no problems.
  6. It was interesting hearing some experiences of people who have also made a similar plunge. My listening room was in the basement. I had it set up very nicely. I had room treatments and used Dirac to address room problems. All in all it was pretty sweet. But a combination of intermittent seepage due to frequent heavy storms along with a desire simply not to be in the basement any longer has led me to make the change. In a year or two I will probably have another system set up upstairs in a smaller room. If the audeze aren't totally pleasing I will likely try the Cable Company. Since my dealer is taking care of selling my speakers I will be working with him initially. There's actually and advantage to headphones in that I couldn't play DSD's through my old system because of Dirac. I'm not thinking of headphones as a compromise, just a different sound.
  7. Thanks for the info on the Audeze as well as on head/amps. I would love to try the Senheisers, but I don't believe my dealer carries them and I'm committed to working through the dealer (who is an absolute gem) in case of any problems. I have read the Audeze has excellent customer service, but my dealer is a know quantity. Will try the LCD-2 and 3 along with the X, and will check manufacture date. I used to have a pair of Magnepans which I dearly loved, so the idea of planar headphones is fascinating. The head amp/dac might be something I would look elsewhere for. I had never thought of this as being a major factor probably because my headphone listening occured at a time when you simply plugged into the back of your receiver. Don't ask how many years ago please ;-). I love the Ayre sound and the codex is in price range, I will have to research the cable issue. What are your opinions on a headamp/dac that would be a good match with Audeze? Simpler the better. I don't want to mess with drivers for the dac at all. I want a really simple set up. Thanks again for the suggestions etc.
  8. I am in the process of changing my entire system. For a number of reasons, I am trying to simplify my system down to a computer, a headamp/dac, and a nice set of headphones. I will be able to audition the full line of Audeze headphone and have two possible head amps: Moon and Naim. If anyone has any experience/recommendations for specific Audeze headphones or the head amps I'd would love to hear it. I'll be trading in my Wilson's on the new equipment so my budget should be 3-4K.
  9. I'm using Dirac with A+ and have installed the plug in beta. Just to make sure, is it correct that updating to 1.2 will have no effect on the plug in?
  10. I went back today and downloaded the latest Orastream version (2.0 build 118) I had the same problem. When I clicked the download button I got the window to download the latest version. Had to click the download button 5 or 6 times before it responded. It works eventually but it's aggravating. I also have a problem with Paypal. I go through the payment process fine, then after I click "pay now" I get an error message from the Classics Online site. The payment actually worked, but I get the error message regardless.
  11. Over the course of way too many years and a heck of a lot of equipment I have had exactly one problem. After about 10 years my Ayre preamp started having a problem with the volume control. Ayre fixed it at no charge. I have literally (knock on wood) never had a piece of gear go south on me.
  12. I will definitely check this out. Thanks. I hope the Mariinsky label makes it.
  13. Sorry it's actually Classics On line. It used to be Naxos. Link is below. Hope you like it. ClassicsOnline HD
  14. Would agree whole heartedly on the SQ, but IMHO the performance is the selling point. I will be checking out more from this conductor/pianist duo.
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