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Hi Guys


I've literally just got my first decent system and I'm a total newbie when it comes to being an Audiophile but I've got a problem and I'm not sure what the cause is. Today was the first time I put my system together and played some music through it but I'm getting a buzzing/fuzzy sound coming from both speakers..this seems to be from the tweeters.


I've got 2 x Focal CMS50's with a iFi Micro IDSD and this is connected to my laptop using jriver. It's the first time using jriver so I'm not sure if this could just be a matter of settings or if I've got something more serious at fault. I can hear it whilst the music is playing and if I stop the music and turn the volume up on the speakers it becomes really evident. The iDSD is in direct output mode. I'll also add that when I shut down Jriver the buzzing/fuzzy sound stops.


I've checked all the connections and everything seems secure and I'm at a loss of where/how to start fault finding this. Does anyone have any tips/advice on what I can try please.




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Do you get the audio problem when using iTunes, or playing through a web browser, etc?



Yes just tried playing a youtube video, I get the same thing. It's only really noticeable at low volume or like I say when nothing is playing at all and I turn the volume up on the speakers. I thought it may have been interference but I've moved it away from my desk now and it's still doing it the same. I've also tried different RCA cables.


Could it be the settings on the back of the speakers?

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