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transferring vinyl to digital- which is your favorite user friendly software?

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hi y'all, I am currently using "MAGIX audio cleaning lab 2013" w/ a behringer UCA222 to transfer my vinyl records to digital format. this is the problem: I think it is panning the channels together and I don't see an option to change it. in other words, in the left channel I am hearing the left AND right channels and in the right channel I am hearing the left AND right channels. this is really the proof in the pudding for me (in a bad way). though also, I thought it was suspicious from the beginning that when recording, the waveforms for the left and right channels were identical as well as the volume levels for the left and right channels. I tried audacity but it was not user friendly at all and it also seemed to pan the channels together as the waveforms for the left and right channels were identical. there has got to be a transferring software out there that keeps the stereo information in the correct channels. thanks, john

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now I think the problem may be w/ windows/behringer since the waveforms looked the same w/ both MAGIX & audacity, even though I had the stereo tab engaged on both. just went into windows control panel but could not even locate the behringer USB device. hmmm...

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However I think your mono issue is with the ADC itself, the thread that Apesbrain provided explains it quite well.

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