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Hi End Media / Audiophile Server - build by custom music server co.

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Custom built media server designed to deliver the best sound and video possible. Features include OEM lowest wattage I7 CPU available, SOTM audio card and sata filter, ultra low noise fans, and the fastest ram available, lowest latency. This server sounds incredible. Server has a proprietary script that turns off non essential processing in the OS. I can include external hdd loaded with ~300 albums (variety of rock, popular, etc..) $3k build without the music. $2,000 plus shipping.





  • I7 3770T CPU - 45 watt (OEM only chip)
  • Asus P8 z77 v-pro MB
  • Gskill 8gb ram (fastest ram available - F3-2400C9D-8GTXD)
  • SOTM PCIe USB Card
  • SOTM Sata filter
  • Intel SSD
  • video card
  • Noctua Ultra low noise fans
  • hi-end CPU cooler
  • Gigabyte custom case with sound absorption



  • Win 8 professional
  • JPlay (lastes vs)
  • Custom script that turns off non essential threads



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