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Single PC Setup for Audiophile Optimizer

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Hi, Everybody

I'll try to ask for a help in this thread because I didn't got any in other one.

I have problem with setting ws2012 r2 prior installing AO, JRiver...

For the last 6-7months everything was working great but now when I plug in my DAC and external HDD with my music collection, processor utilisation goes to 35-40% and that is only on two processes:

System and System interrupts... that happened after I've updated windows and BIOS... I did complete reinstal of windows but nothing changed... What is even more strange for me, when I reboot, proc util goes to 0-1% ( which is normal)... first boot from power off stage is with high proc util but reboot makes it working normal.... when I unplug DAC and HDD and power on, proc util gets back to normal ( 0-1%)...

I've never had this issue before...

Does anyone have any idea or explanation what could be the problem and help me about this?




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