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  1. Funny, I was agreeing with other posters' comments. It's ironic that you make a sarcastic personal attack about what you perceive to be a sarcastic personal attack. Perhaps you have a "App" that detects sarcasm and personal attacks in *every* conversation". I would like to know if this is "self validating"? 😁 <- emoji of absolution -> 😜
  2. Exactly so... Déjà vu Yep 1+ A plea falling on deaf ears He does not Yep Yes but he has a "self- validating" App.....the kind they like at ASR ! 🤣🙄
  3. gentleman, I am out of my wheelhouse here so please be kind. The whole balanced and differential thing has confused me for decades. I know my amplifier manufacturer goes to great pains to point out that it is truly balanced and fully differential (or words to that effect). In an effort to educate people like myself and for that matter help guide the OP in his question it would be helpful to get to the bottom of all of this. I do wonder whether both of you just may be be talking about circuit symmetry/polarity rather than, or as well as, balanced interfaces. I stress I wonder, not c
  4. It's the same with unpleasing distortion. A "self-validating" App should sort this conundrum 🤣🤷‍♂️
  5. Hi Kal, agreement (concordance) between choices is not necessary to establish a correlation between variables. In statistical terms correlation and concordance (magnitude of agreement) both indicate strength of association between variables but are conceptually distinct. correlation of variables can be assessed for variables that look at completely different constructs. "wildly different choices that individuals make in building a system" and non agreement due to "different criteria and value systems" does not exclude a possible correlation of say price and desired outcome.
  6. All audiophiles prefer a treated room. I know this from my mentor, the unnamed guru who told me so 🙄
  7. Yes the little "Bambino" was quite popular and a great little car. It had no seat belts or much by way of safety features. When my best friend turned 17 and got his driver's licence, being Italian, he naturally acquired a Fiat 500. We had two road accidents which were fortunately of fairly low impact but in one of them my passenger door flung open and I found myself sitting on the ground in the middle-of-the-road.😮
  8. My first car romance and my current romance. Both a lot of fun
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