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  1. Yes, i suppose there are one or two old cantankerous but kindly curmudgeons amongst the AS community ? 😇 Its hard to believe I only knew Alex for several years, meeting here at "CA" in 2013 and then in person at an audiophile gathering. It was exactly 'that face' that I saw when I walked into the room and saw Alex peering at me over one eye brow. He was quite a few years my senior and I felt like I had just walked into the Principal's office ! Some tracks were played and Alex remained silent. Others shared their opinion, including myself. When the host invited Alex to c
  2. Oh, just a shout out to @Superdad Alex Crespi of Uptone Audio.... When the original "Regen" came out I bought two (one paid for by an audiophile friend). Alex Crespi sent me three with a note saying the third was a gift for Alex Kethel. Alex C knew AlexK could not afford one but was aware of his interest. There were no strings attached, just a gesture of kindness. Alex K got a great many hours of pleasure using the Regen in his system and also incorporating it into his various ripping experiments.🙂
  3. I'm guessing this was "rock grotto" DIY group and the JLH (John Lindsey Hood) PSU circuit board /ripple eater - voltage regulator. Alex had an electronics background, working for many years for a large telecommunications company. He ended up on a very modest government pension so could not afford expensive high end commercial products. As I know you are aware, he built his own gear, including class A amplifiers. Despite his modest means, he was very generous and gifted me a number of his circuit boards and devices.He would never accept any money and the only way around
  4. Extremely sad news to hear of Alex's (Alex Kethel - SandyK) passing. If my calculations are right he would have been 82. Alex was a dear friend and I had the pleasure of knowing him in person. For the last several years he was fairly frail but (as we all know) his mind was razor sharp, as was his wit.I will miss our times together and many, many email chats He was a remarkable man, truly one of life's characters. Indomitable in spirit and full of enthusiasm for life, always looking to help and support others......quick to defend his and his friend's views. These traits
  5. Absolutely, it's not work if you like it. It also helps if you have a few skills to go with it. In your case you could pilot the plane, manage a cardiac arrest on board and fight off a terrorist attack...and that's just before lunch !👌
  6. Thanks David for the reply and clarification. This will be a first for me using a Linux operating system. I will be setting up JRiver MC on the id for a friend and for which it has been purchased. The id has been purchased and shipped 5 November 2020 and am still waiting for the delivery here in Australia 28 November. The good folk at J River warned me that there would be delays. I should check the tracking link! Cheers
  7. A friend of mine is wanting to buy a JRiver Id to connect directly to his USB DAC, an Emotiva Stealth DC-1. The Emotiva manual states it supports UAC2 - USB Audio Class 2. From the Interact forum JimH notes that Id has Debian (not Samba as stated in Wiki). A Linux distribution may support UAC2 but apparently still not work with a specific DAC. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of an Id working with the Emotiva Stealth DC-1? Cheers and thanks
  8. Funny, I was agreeing with other posters' comments. It's ironic that you make a sarcastic personal attack about what you perceive to be a sarcastic personal attack. Perhaps you have a "App" that detects sarcasm and personal attacks in *every* conversation". I would like to know if this is "self validating"? 😁 <- emoji of absolution -> 😜
  9. Exactly so... Déjà vu Yep 1+ A plea falling on deaf ears He does not Yep Yes but he has a "self- validating" App.....the kind they like at ASR ! 🤣🙄
  10. gentleman, I am out of my wheelhouse here so please be kind. The whole balanced and differential thing has confused me for decades. I know my amplifier manufacturer goes to great pains to point out that it is truly balanced and fully differential (or words to that effect). In an effort to educate people like myself and for that matter help guide the OP in his question it would be helpful to get to the bottom of all of this. I do wonder whether both of you just may be be talking about circuit symmetry/polarity rather than, or as well as, balanced interfaces. I stress I wonder, not c
  11. It's the same with unpleasing distortion. A "self-validating" App should sort this conundrum 🤣🤷‍♂️
  12. Hi Kal, agreement (concordance) between choices is not necessary to establish a correlation between variables. In statistical terms correlation and concordance (magnitude of agreement) both indicate strength of association between variables but are conceptually distinct. correlation of variables can be assessed for variables that look at completely different constructs. "wildly different choices that individuals make in building a system" and non agreement due to "different criteria and value systems" does not exclude a possible correlation of say price and desired outcome.
  13. All audiophiles prefer a treated room. I know this from my mentor, the unnamed guru who told me so 🙄
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