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  1. This is an outrage ! How can you be more infallible than infallible. Logic, man, please !😀
  2. You're on a roll ! 🤣 Can't wait for 11-20 . Bill, going out on a limb here but just perhaps , I'm guessing "Audiophile Style" is not your first preference for naming an Audiophile forum. I kinda like it .🥰
  3. Where did you hear that? Where did you hear that? Are you by any chance related ?
  4. Um, the psychologists might send him packing to the science forums, or even worse to audio forums where science, psychology, and engineering are misrepresented in equal measure ! We show no favoritism 🤣
  5. It was likely the Bricasti M1. Dennis eventually changed to Rockna DAC (bad move IMO). Dave kept his PWT and bought my Bricasti (which he modified) when I changed to Kalliope.
  6. I think I like you Mayfair: you give statistics; judging by your avatar you take blind testing seriously; and you are a fan of looney tunes' Sam Sheepdog !
  7. What should I build that wall out of [for stopping neutrinos]? let's see concrete is first choice but steel is second choice. Pesky neutrinos can still slip through since they only interact via a weak nuclear force. Therefore I propose build it out of North Koreans !
  8. Ha ha! Ughhh certain types of photons do cause cancer and most types don’t. My clock radio? Really? That article was really trite. Hi Jonathan, not sure but maybe a slightly crossed wire here. I am not disagreeing. I have been in that neurosurgeons home and vice versa so yes IMO he is an "interesting and nice guy". His views do not always coincide with mine or would I endorse the articles you refer to. I am not a nuclear physician but don't doubt what you say. 90% of Pancreatic cancer, among the deadliest of all cancers, is due to random or acquired mutations (10% being inheritable) and I venture to say probably very few of these relate to ionizing radiation.
  9. 6 pages in and would anyone venture a consensus or general trend?
  10. pretty much. Also its pretty black and white and lends itself to cramming before exams. So what course did you do that required organic chemistry?
  11. Nope, 96% is higher than my score and I think the tutor may have fudged my results. He liked to play billiards.
  12. I skipped organic chemistry lectures, played billiards with the tutor, and still got a high distinction. I guess it means it's not really a very difficult subject.
  13. There's a winning argument. I agree that the quality of the recording and mastering trumps format. Some Redbook CD in flac sound stunning to my "Golden Ears"
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